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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Dec 15, 2014 - This is it, the last e mail

Well folks, looks like the mission is coming to an end. It is something very unreal to say the truth. So unreal to be honest I'm not really feeling it, my mind knows that I'm going home but my heart still hasn't caught the memo. 
I have thought for a very long time about what I was going to say in my last letter to all of you, and many things have crossed my mind, and I have wanted to knock your socks off, but when it comes down to it, all I can do is what I have done for the past 2 years. Testify of Christ, and our loving Heavenly Father.
Our Heavenly Father loves and knows everyone of us, no matter who we are and what we have done He wants us to come unto Him. To feel His love and to be on the road back to Him once again. To know Him on this earth and feel the love and happiness that we knew so well when we lived in His presence. AND He loves us so much he gave us His son. 
I know that He lives, I know that Jesus is the Christ. When it says many times in the scriptures to come unto Him and perfect ourselves in Him, that is a literal invitation. He suffered for our sins and our temptations and our hardships, and because of that truth, we can be clean and overcome those things that we cannot ourselves. He loves us more than we can imagine, and for that reason He paid the ultimate price, He is always there waiting for us to come to Him, to feel His love and to become whole once again. He is the way to the Father and the Only way to the Father. 
I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet. He saw the Father and the Son, and through him this organization so perfect was restored. The Church of Jesus Christ, the church of the Only Begotten, and no one else. That we ourselves need to put to the test James 1:5, to KNOW that this is the truth, to have the Father through the Holy Ghost testify of these things. To never fall away from this Gospel. The Holy Ghost is the third member of the Godhead and as well we need to have a relationship with Him. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a Prophet of God, and through exact obedience to him and the Apostles and what they say is how we find true happiness. 
I know that the priesthood is real, and as men and sons of a living God we need to MAGNIFY this incredible power that we have, to bless, love, and serve everyone. It is our duty. 
I know that this is not the end, but the beginning. That in these two years the Lord has given me the tools that I need to magnify His name at home, and to become that man and son, that he needs me to be. He has made me realize that following His son Jesus Christ is everything, and most importantly about doing that is knowing that the most important thing is service and love for everyone. That is what I am so excited to do for my family and for everyone. Serve and love them, there is nothing greater. I know that. I want to thank all of you for your love and prays in my behalf. Words cannot express how grateful I am for that, I love and thank you all so much. Until soon. 
Les amo demasiado y quiero que sepan eso! 
Con Amor
Elder Scott Bennett Lloyd 
"The crowning attribute of love is obedience." -Elder Holland
Obedience #1

Monday, December 15, 2014

Dec 8, 2014

(HE has exactly 11 days and four hours left...but who is counting??)

Sent: Mon, Dec 8, 2014 4:33 PM
Subject: This week
So in short it is all wrapping up... Granted, I still have 2 weeks which is awhile to work and work hard! That fat lady still has not sung, and will not until this name tag is taken off to never be put back again. 
But, what I have to say this week is basically just wanted to tell all of you how much I love you all and I thank you SO much for the love and support you all show. Honestly, that is about all that I'm thinking and feeling is love and gratitude toward you all. I feel so blessed to have you all in my life!
Center this Christmas on Christ and you will have the best one yet!! 
Elder Lloyd 

Dec 1, 2014

So this week is how it has been a pattern lately I don't have much time to write. This last week was a good one and these past weeks as well. It has been different now that I am coming to the end, it does not feel like it by any means. We have been seeing great changes in the ward that I am in; which is awesome, change of attitude in leaders and members. The Lord, still with 23 months under my belt the is stretching me in different ways, like I haven't expected. 
One thing that I have been pondering on and I love from my mission is an eternal look on things. An eternal look on the decisions we make, trails we have, and things that we really desire and want. It is something that has helped me and I know that the Lord wants us to have. And as we have that in our life's, we recognize Him a lot more, and make better day to day decisions, and being obedient isn't so hard, we see it as it is, a blessing. 
I love you all 
Elder Lloyd 

Nov 17, 2014

his last week we had a lot of conferences out of no where in the mornings and things of that sort. It was a pretty crazy week. 
This last week I have been thinking a lot about how a lot of times our own will and what we want and think is best isn't always the Lords will. Many times, if you are like me it is very hard to humble yourself and accept that. But that is when we need to humble ourselves and realize that He does know what is best. What I am finding is that it is a process, it doesn't always comes as an, "okay I get, and accept it." Type of deal, but comes through real heart felt prayer and looking to accept it. Hard? yes. But worth it? Every bit of it.
I love you all so much and thank you for all the love and support! 
Elder Lloyd 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Nov 10, 2014

I would like to apologize for not writing these past few weeks, things have gotten a little crazy. We have been SO blessed lately and are seeing things happen. The work gets tough with lots of things on the side, trials, personal failures etc. But the Lord always loves us. Being thankful and not only being thankful but showing that thankfulness is where we can truly be happy! Everyone wants to be looked out for and loved, and when we do that for others in word and in action, we find our true happiness. Happiness is within giving and loving others. That is because that's what Christ does for us, following His footsteps is following in true joy. I know that. I want to thank each and every one of you for the love and support you show to me I love you all so much!
Elder Lloyd

Nov 3, 2014

Day of the Dead Selfies

Oct 27, 2014

Hey, things have been good, and hard as I am on this roller coaster ride they call a mission. What I have been finding is that the Lord sends us trails when we are least expecting it, and/ or when we feel like we have had enough. The Lord has his ways to do things and His plans, a lot of times they don't always match up with ours. But they are His and perfect none the less. We always just need to stick to the basics that we know, strap down, trust in Him and take it day by day. Let Him mold us... if you're a person like me, it can be very hard sometimes. 
The days keep on going too! Sometimes we've just got to get to the next one, but we might as well keep our chin up while we are at it. 
I love you all so much and thank you for all the support and prayers. 
God Speed. 
Elder Lloyd  

Oct 18, 2014

Dear Family Lloyd,
We would like to inform you that your son has been called and assigned to train a new missionary in the Mexico City Northwest Mission because of their outstanding performance.
He has been assigned to train Elder Riveros in the area of Cuautepec in the Stake of Cuautepec.
We have attached a photo of this new companionship below
Have a great day

Oct 14, 2014

This picture is of Bennett, his new comp from Peru and Elder Rodriguez that Bennett had the privilege of training a year ago...he will also be training.

This last week has been a good and a challenging one. The last week of the change is always hard and who knows why there were a lot of speed bumps as well and road blocks. (great people not coming to church, appointments falling through, no one, people lying. Etc,) Those typical mission problems. But we kept fighting through. 
We have found a lot of great people lately. We are working with a great family that were progressing well, named the family Camacho.. they are a family of The mom and dad and 3 over the age of 19 and a 9 year old girl, the two bigger sisters both have babies but we only teach the 9 year old Jenni, and the Parents. The dad works fixing cars and as they started to come closer to the church and to the Lord came problems, mainly in economic terms. That business is one that is obviously up and down, but he explained to us that in the last two months for the first time ever he has had almost nothing. He looked at us in a lesson and said, "I am scared a lot of times, because sometimes I don't know how I"m going to give my family food to eat." and for this reason they have not been going to church and doing the commitments we leave them. We taught them that through, and only through exact obedience we are blessed more than we can imagine. At first we may have a lot of trials, but like it says in the scriptures, the testimony doesn't come until AFTER the trail of faith, if not it would not be faith. 
And during the week I heard an incredible story of this very principle. There is a member in the ward named Jonathan, he as well is going through a lot of financial difficulties. He is a member that is always helping and supporting the missionaries. We are always calling him to help the Hermana Paz (that just got baptized) to help bring her to church when everyone falls through. He told us a story that 2 weeks ago they were getting ready for church and his little daughter says, That's weird the elders haven't called us yet to go get the Sister Paz. And he replied, That's good, so now we can go in peace.. That day the person that day fell through to take her back, so we asked him and he willing said yes. He went on to tell us he was driving and all he could think about is that he didn't know what he was going to give to the family to eat, because he had no money at all. Then without him saying a word about it to anyone the Sister Paz looks at her and says, How about you guys stay at my house to eat today. And explained that she has enough for everyone... There is the blessing in loving and serving everyone. The Lord knows what he is doing, and when we do our part in loving and serving, it opens the doors up for the Lord to bless us. 
I have been put with a new comp, fresh from the MTC and from Peru. I know he will be great. He has help from both sides, before we headed out to work today, he told me. I'm doing this for my mom. I looked at him and said that's great Elder!! Then he explained to me that she passed away from blood cancer when he was only 6. He and his sister are the only members in his family of nine. But I know his testimony will get back to his house..... The Lord knows what he is doing. 
I love you all so much. 
Elder Lloyd 

Sep 29, 2014

Well, Don't have much time. But just want to tell you all how much I love you, and how much I appreciate your love, support, and prayers. Not possible to thank you all enough. Everything is going well here, pushing along to bless as many people as possible and become the men that God desires of us that we be! Hope all is well with everyone! 
Love from Mexico City the DF! 
Elder Lloyd.

September 22, 2014

First off, sorry for not writing in a long while! ha 
Buuuut this was a good week, a hard one due to this last week being the 15 of Sep. here which is the day of Independence of Mexico in other words = everyone get your beers, blow stuff up, and shoot your pistols in the air. haha  Soooooo, we could go out to work Monday, and Tuesday in the house at 6 o'clock. With that being said we got to participate in a great baptism of a lady that we have been teaching that we love so much. The Sister Paz, she is 79 years old and so nice. She has so much faith! She is bound to a wheel chair due to her age and some infirmities, but that doesn't stop her from going to church, every week we go to the house of her, with a member or in a taxi to get her, and we get her in the car and ÁNDALE pues! Off we go. It was a very cool baptism, it took the efforts of the member and my companion and I all dressed in white to get her in the water and baptized, but there was a great spirit there without doubt! 
She is such a great example that no matter our circumstances we can push through and complete our duty to God. Even though it pains her a lot, she always says, you guys don't worry, I have the faith in Jesus Christ! 
Love you all and hope all is well! 
love Elder Lloyd

September 1, 2014

So I have received what looks to be my last change in my mission.Yeah whaaaaaat? Right? Ha it is a..... strange feeling, and I don't know how to describe it. I am back to the Zone where my first and second areas are and looking forward to seeing miracles! It was great in my last ward and definitely left an impact on me. But here, I am knowing that there will be miracles, oh and I have a Second Elder Garcia at my side. But this one's from Veracruz, Mex.
This morning and last night I was thinking a lot about something that we see a lot in our life's through out different stages. That is that we don't realize how much, or even that we are impacting the people around us with all of our actions. I think that my favorite and one of the best examples of this is the story of Abinadi in Alma. He was so true to the Lord and His will. He fought to do what he knew was right and do what the Lord required of him, and in the end he was rejected and killed. And in what I think he was probably feeling and thinking he had not impacted or helped anyone, and not knowing that he had. Alma the older, from his words and his faithfulness to the Lord, lit again a fire in Alma to return to what he knew was right, and in turn changing thousands, even millions of lives, and even today lives are changing too. And we now have almost the rest of the Book of Mormon because of it. I know that through our faith, love, and obedience we will change lives. And we never need to get discouraged because the Lord will always use our efforts to help His children. 
I love you all so much. Hope everything is well.
Love Elder Lloyd 

August 25, 2014

Another week of missionary work in the books. This week was another week of crazy missionary work, ups and downs, highs and lows, I heard it is boring when you get home... I don't doubt it, the mission can feel like driving fuel one cars, and it will probably feel like driving bumper cars when I get home. (The little ones that your to big to fit in, but you do it anyways)
We had the great blessing of being able to be the part of the baptism of Emmanauel this week, it was so great and filled with the spirit. I cant wait to see in 7 years when he goes on the mission. Before his baptism you people would ask him why he wanted to be baptized, and he would respond, "Because I want to follow Jesus Christ, and I want to go on the mission." He is a great kid and will be a great strength for his whole family!

This week we were on divisions and I stayed in our area and another Elder came with me. As we were doing our contacts through out the day, coming to the end of the day this Elder looked at me and said, whats going on here? the contacts we do here are so different, so many people that we contact seem ready... That got me thinking Why? We are just one area over, Its different, but not to much. We do try to do them by the Spirit, but know that they do as well. And I got to thinking it came to me. Where I am in the area/ward called Ward Plazas. It is by far the BEST ward I have been in. The Bishop rick is so strong, loving, and active in the ward, along with the members, And it hasn't always been like that, it started form the top with the new bishopric in the past year. And everyone being loving and willing to follow, great members. I came to a conclusion that I had thought about awhile back. That obviously it starts with the missionaries and their obedience first and for most the biggest thing, but after that, is that this area is so blessed. Heavenly father knows that he can bless us as missionaries to bring these chosen sons of His to the fold, and then the members there will take care of them and make sure they don't go astray, through love and nurturing.  I have realized from this thought process, and through out my whole mission. That the decision  we make, and our obedience does effect SO many people, in a direct or indirect way. Those who are on the earth and those who are to come. President Erying has said that he is living blessings form his ancestors. I can as well testify to that, through the obedience and love to their Heavenly Father, my Ancestors from my parents, grandparents great great grandparents, and farther back, have and continue to bless me right now in my life. I never understood and still don't really know why I have been so blessed the way I have, but I know that is a huge part. And how grateful I am! As well for being able to serve in this ward. Learn, Apply, grow, become more like the Savior. 
Iove you all so much
Elder Lloyd 

August 19,2014

A week full of preparing for conferences, conferences and meetings. But a good one none the less.The misión is learning a new principle which I love and that we are putting in practice and seeing the truthfulness of it and the miracles that come hand in hand. It is based off of Mosiah 27 When the Angel comes to Alma and the Sons of Mosiah and changes theirlives and in turn changes thousands of others. In the misión obviously, we find and teach many people. We, many times are blessed and find people that are ready to accept the Gospel in their lives and to move forward and will do what it takes. Others more times than usual, and especially here in Mexico it is not the case. Many love to listen, and love what we say. But keeping commitments and progressing in the Gospel is a different ball game. Many times we are teaching many people and great things are happening, miracles really. But getting them to come to church and things is hard. At times we get frustrated and say, "We cant forcé them to do these things, we cant take away their free agency,they have to want these things." Well in Mosiah 27 and especially verse 14 teaches us something incredible, and gives us an incredible tool for life.
As we know that Alma and his Homies (sons of Mosiah) were going around literally trying to destroy the church of the Lord. Then an angel came and changed the whole story, and in verse 14 we find out how and why. I love Reading this first, we find that it was for the prayers and the faith of his city and his father, that loved them so much. It was not for the faith of Alma and the sons of Mosiah, but their faith. We can apply this in the lives of our loved ones, in the lives of the Lords investigators here. We cannot take their agency, but the Lord CAN change their will! through our faithful prayers and faith. Do we love these people enough to stay on our knees and plead for them?
We have seen the miracles from this principle in this last week. The parents of the 11 year old child Manuel accepted to talk to us, prayed AND felt a difference, went to church, AND accepted to let him be Baptized this week. The Lord has softened their hearts. As well as the family we felt their Dad was ready we hadn't talked to him in about a week. And We went last night and at the end of the lesson he said. I know that it is time that I come together with the family and get baptized, I will say, not this week, but the next, and set his own date. The missionaries have tried for years with him with nothing, and he set his own date for us. We then explained to him that he had to first go to church and prepare himself, and then we would love to have it happen. So he said, "Okay so I will do that, then I'll get Baptized."
Lots of prayers on the knees of many people being answered. I know that this is a blessing that we can use in our lives always! and I know one that I will use in the future. The Lord loves each one of His children, Christ lives and still performs miracles through the faith in Him. I know that.
Love you all
Elder Lloyd

August 11, 2014

Eating a tamal Oaxaqueño, made in a banana leaf #toogood

This last week was a very special week for us. We had the great blessing to be a part of the baptism of an older couple named Kristina and Gerado. We have been teaching them for about 6 months now, since I was with Elder Deters, and before me as well. I have written about them in the past. Gerado has battled drug attection and very strongly lately alohloism his whole live, since he had 16 years, and he is now 58 years old. The first 2 months I knew him I did not once see him not completly fall down drunk. In testimate to the priesthood, Elder Deters and I found him not drunk for the first time since ihad been there and gave him a blessing so that he could over come this vice. He has gone now almost  months and only drank once. He has become so much more calm and relaxed, like a new man. After that we had the problem that his wife was married with some one esle over 22 years ago and they were not. This is a hard thing to do, and many missionaries cant and lots of people dont get baptized because of it LOTS of time, money, and alot of times doesnt work. In pondering in what to do awhile back, It came to my mind that I met a memeber in my first area that was a lawyer, and had his card. I called him and explained the situation, he told me he would be more than happy to do it, and for free. It was on! 

Through a serias of miracles it came in fast and we had the go ahead, it has been a long hard road, and they have faithfully gone to church for the last about 5 to 6 months without even being baptized. And its because they know, like Gerado always says, If I dont go Im back on my OWN to fight this! 
It was so amazing to hear at their baptism their testimonies. To hear the she was crying all by herself in the house asking God to just help and that she couldnt do it anymore with him, and then the missionaries showed up, and how now he is a completely changed man. To hear the first things come out of mouth in his testimony as, "I dont know much, but i know that this church is true and the My Father in Heaven lives, and Jesus Christ, and they love me." THAT is a testimonym, and THAT is why we do missionary work. We make sacrifices and forget about ourselves but our important things aside, so that others can come unto Christ. Because that is what He did for us, there is nothing more important than our Father in Heaven, this Gospel, Jesus Christ, and our families. I know that. I love you all and hope all is well. 
Love from Mexico
Elder Lloyd 

July 28, 2014

This last week was one of learning. It was a good, especially to learn how to better the work of the Lord.
There is a great family in our ward that is s super strong and active family, they are all members, a teenage son and daughter, and the mom, but the dad is not a member. He has known the Gospel and been around it for a long time. He even used to play basketball with our bishop when they were younger. He has always listen to the missionaries and loves us, but always says "Im catholic, always have been, and will be." We went to share a message with them, and that day I sort of had the feeling that it could be his time. We felt to go share with them and we had a great talk, and he and the family started crying to he said I feel, that it is time I give it a shot and really think about baptizing me.
The Lord has his specific time and plans for everyone. A lot of times we don't understand it, but he knows what he's doing. And we need to trust in that.
Lots of love! Elder Lloyd  

July 21, 2014

As we came to the end of a great week, we were walking home, while being accompanied by 2 members, a returned missionary, and a recently baptized future missionary as I felt like the Army of God feeling, walking home from battle, and the Spirit testified to me that THIS is how his work should be done. As we push forward in working with the members in this great ward, we do not cease to see miracles. The Lord is blessing us greatly as we follow the words of His prophet by accelerating the work of the Lord and working members and missionaries shoulder to shoulder.
We had the great baptism of Andrea, and once again don't have much time in writing about some of the great experiences we had.
But in shorter words, the Lord lives and speaks through the Prophet Thomas S. Monson, and to know Him and the Son is through obedience. I know that, through that same thing we are blessed greatly. Being obedient to the Lord Jesus Christ and Our Father, because we love them more than we love ourselves and all other things. This is true happiness.
Love you all.
Elder Lloyd

July 14, 2014

This was a great week of seeing that everyone has their moment that Our Heavenly Father sets up for them. These past weeks we had the blessing of being part of the teaching and baptism of Rodrigo. 

His Grandma has been a member for a long time now but the family didnt really want anything to do with it. Then about 4 years ago his sister was in a hard spot in her life and turned to the Lord, and got baptized. Then a year and a Little over a half ago his mother came to terms and as well was baptized. Rodrigo always had his doubts and never wanted anything, he then started to look into it more and thats where we came in. He has progressed so well, he wasnt so sure about it at all, we challenged him to pray and promised he would know by the next time we came, we returned and said he knew he had to do it. He is very Smart and  He has had questions about the Book of Mormon and the history of it,  
( Horse being in it etc.) We simply would answer his questions as they came, or show him how to get his answers. Didnt think much of it. Then the day of his baptism his sister told us that because of those doubts he said he wasnt ever going to be baptized, but after talking to us it changed his mind. So thank you to the Spirit and guiding us in what we needed to say, he was able to come into the waters of baptism.
We found out last weekend that Manuels dad had gotten out of rehab, so we went right over the next day to talk with him. He told us that he would support his son in this decisión that he wants to make, but first wants to go to church with us to see how everything is, we couldnt be happier!
This week will be the baptism of another GREAT investigator named Andrea, she is 17 and progressing like we cannot beleive and has plans to go on a misión, her and her mother who has been inactive for 24 years know that this is true and they are converting themselves in the Savior Jesús Christ and his Gospel.
We have seen so many miracles lately one of which I will share next week. And we know that we will see them this next week through our hard work and diligence. Nothing more important than loving, truly loving and serving others and more than anyhting our Heavenly Father. 
Love you all.
Elder Lloyd

June 30, 2014

Has been a great week, alwyas learning how to work more effectavly. This week was the complition of the Family Ibarra wich was great. As well this saturday that comes Manuel will be baptized, we are SO excited and he is progressing SO well. Our ward will be going to Veracruz to go to the temple because it is closed here, and he went to the bishop to find out how he could go, the bishop had to break it to him that he is only 11 and cant go. 
Always learning how to just enjoy the moment and the ride, and that our Heavenly Father loves us no matter what. Love you all so very much and thank you alol for the prayers and support, means just as much as the fisrt day in the mission. m
Elder Lloyd

June 9, 2014

This week has been a great week of conferences, a couple visits to the
Doctors (but everything is okay) and hard work like always. Yesterday I was
really thinking about the sacrament and how incredible it is, and how
amazing it is that we have the chance to partake of it. Even though I feel that I have SO much more to comprehend and understand about it, I do understand the magnitude it plays in our salvation and how much of a privilage it
really is. The sacrament is something we vitally need, as we look at the scriptures and read that no unclean thing can be in the presence of God,
well, I am not perfect, and I mess up on a daily basis without even wanting
to. If it is doing or saying something I shouldnt, or not saying or doing
something I should. That being said, it can look like a daunting task.
But if we really have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, we know that through
Him and a thing like the sacrament , we can be made clean, and become better
than we are day to day and through His sacrafice we can have powers above
our own. I have come to find out, if we  really have a testimony and really
understand the Sacrament we will never make an exuse to miss it and we WILL be there under all  circumstances. AND if we find ways out (like i used
to do) then we really dont understand it.
We have a bad perception in the church that we can not be perfect, If we look at the scriptures in Mathew 5:48 we find the commandment to do it,
then in Nephi 3:7  he tells us that the Lord does not command anyhting we can not do. I know that it is possible, it is a life long and eternity long
thing, so we need to have patience. We will be disappointed and discouraged if we think it will come very fast. But we cannot set limits on oursleves,
we are sons and daughters of God, our potential is unlimited. He has made our way to complete this commandment and that is through the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He lives, and Loves us more than we know, and wants us
back with Him. I know that.
Love you all
Elder Lloyd

June 2, 2014

Familia Ibarra Gonzalez Me, Daughter Berenice who will be baptized soon, the mom Blanca, Alejandro son, behind their ward family support Erick, Daughter Angela, dad saul, Ward support Brother Carranza and my comp.  

Baptism of Sergio a couple weeks ago.

This week has been a great one, a lot of running around but a lot of blessings, and seeing a family that I love SO much enter into the waters of baptism and on their way to be a family eternal! The Family Ibarra Gonzalez, and it has been so amazing see the ward take a hold of them in full support. And to see all of them get up and bare their testimonies yesterday was so great! 
We had a funny experience the other day. We have made some changes in how we do or meetings. And we had to take 4 boxes of Books of Mormons and Pamphlets from our church, to our house, about a ten minute walk. I don't know if you have ever felt those boxes, but they are preeetty heavy! haha And for not hitting the gym in a good 17 months, double that. My comp has been going through some health problems which I will write about later so we got about half way there, and it was hard not going to lie. We were trying to balance a box on my backpack and it fell and broke and we were dying laughing putting Books of Mormons back in the box on the side of the road.Then to help my comp I took one box off his hands and was trying to rock three boxes, then took a little break when we got about half way. We were just laughing the whole time. Then my comp jokingly looks up in the sky and says were in the world is the good Samaritan when you need him!!!? About 2 minutes after we see a car of white shirts go by, then we see the brake lights hit. We both looked at each other just smiling and saying There's NO way! As the car pulls up a family from the stake says Elders, need some help??........ Yeah... Prayer answered.
This week we have been running everywhere because my comp who is amazing is a convert of only 5 years. He was baptized and the age of 19 and had plans to get out on the mission as soon as he hit the one year mark. Within that process he got very very sick. He went to the hospital and found out that both of has kidneys were not working. Long story short his loving mom donated her kidney and he started the long recovery process. He left as soon as he could 3 years later. He has to take a lot of medicine and has to go frequently to the hospital for check ups. It is sad to say but this last time they did not come out to well.... so we have been going for more checks. With all this being said, he has still been giving it his all and keeping up with going for the high goals the mission has set, and no one knows he is passing through all of these challenges. He is so incredible and an inspiration to me, he never complains or even talks about it, he just gives what he can. And tells me, I DO NOT want to go home.
We never know what others are passing through and what types of challenges they are having, for that reason we need to be like Christ and treat EVERYONE with great respect and love, and listen to the Spirit so he can direct us to answer the prayers of others and even change their lives. (Even if it is to save 2 missionaries carrying boxes of books of Mormon) I Testify He will guide us. And lots of times we don't even know that we have answered the prayers of someone. 
Love you all.
Elder Lloyd

May 26, 2014

This was on of those weeks that draw you toward the Savior and our father in Heaven in every aspect. We saw how there really are so many people ready to accept the Gospel in their lives. We had put in a good hard week of work seeing a lot of blessings and miracles and they just kept coming more and more right down to the end. 
We have been teaching a family that I love SO much and will be baptized this Friday that comes. The Family Ibarra Gonzalez, When you hear about a"golden family," that is what they are. It is a family of the Mom and Dad Saul and Blanca, and the kids Berenice 24, Alejandro 18, and Angela 10. They so incredible, from day 1 about 5 weeks ago it has been such a blessing to be able to teach them. 
This week has been such a testimony builder on when we are doing what is right and Heavenly Father can and will trust us and put us in the spot where we need to be when we need to be there. And that it is all on HIS time. We had a contact in the street who had told us to return and gave us her address, and an appointment. The time came to go the the appointment, so we found the street, then where looking for the house, turns out she had lied and the house didn't exist. As we turned around to head back the way we came, we saw a women throwing clothes out the window, and we looked down as a man picking them up turned around and said hey! We then realize it was a contact that we had made the week before. He walks up to us and as we could smell the alcohol on his breath says, "hey! wheres God huh?!?" and as we started to speak he says, "Where God when I need him most huh?? Look I'm an alcoholic and my family just kicked me out of the house. Wheres God??...... You know what? forget it." He then put on the sweaters that were thrown out the window and headed off. We looked and each other and said, we have to go talk to the family. We knocked on the door, and his son that is ten, and was there when we contacted him answered, we explained who we are and asked to come in to share something, she told us that is the house of her mother and father in laws and she would go get them, they came to the door, and we explained who we are and what we do, and explained what we saw and that we knew her son and asked to come in and share something of Christ, Then she just went off about how she is catholic and doesn't need us, but go find her son when he is sober, and how rude he is and awful things about him as his young son was behind her. We explained how we need to see those how Jesus does and how he still lives and can perform miracles. in short, she was was not very nice at all, and was sticking to how she is catholic and ya. We were very hurt, and I looked behind her to see his little son, and said, would you like to hear something from us? With the hurt you could see in his eyes said yes. She then started to say how we were not going to come in, Said we know we will talk with him out here. He came out, and we took him to the curb, sat down and started to talk. It was so hard to see and hear the hurt that this young kid has. But so incredible to see the drive he has to be better and help his dad and family. We told him we would come back and talk again and then come for him for church, we came back again and had another great talk with him in the rain. Then when we got there int the morning on Sunday at 7 45 he was all ready and looking sharp. I know the Lord guided us to the spot in the down to the second we needed to be there. 
Through out the week my comp. and I had been talking, and we were talking about how we give out so many cards with our number, to about 5 people a day. Then we ask, when can we pass buy to share these things with you they look on the back where our number is and say, "is this your number? yeah I will call you guys and have you come by." But we have never gotten a call, even in my comp.s 21 months in the mission. We were then walking to church as my comp. gets a call asking if we were from the church, we said yes, and the person said when is the fastest you can come? I need help with my son, We then set up an appointment for after church, after church we headed over. We came in with a member in our ward not knowing what to expect. The women went to get her son and told us he is 29. He came down, and when you think of gangster, you're thinking of this guy, long shorts, wife beater, tattoos every where, black eye, cut on his forehead, everything, long story short, it was incredible seeing this man sitting in front of us, bawling telling us that he has looked for happiness his whole life, and has never been able to find it, and how he only wants to change, and be a good guy. It is incredible to have the Spirit testify along with us that through what Jesus Christ has done for us he can and will change. 
There is a family that is a family that are converts of about 6 months here in this ward, and very young family with the oldest daughter of 12 years old. Who helps us as missionaries with SO much, even helps the whole zone. This morning we were in a meeting and I was getting lots of calls from the sisters in our area. We then called them after and asked what was wrong, The Sister barely able to talk gets out that the daughter of the family Cortez had died early in this morning... She had diabetes and minor problems lately, but this morning returned to our  Heavenly Father. Even though how hard it is, we know that this family now has the information of the Plan of Salvation, and it is now being put to the test. We will be living from internet and the whole zone will be there to support this great family. 
I testify that even though we may not understand the will of God, He knows what he is doing, and if we are doing what He needs from us, we WILL be tools in His hands to help others more than we could ever know. 
I love you all, and thank you all for your support! 
Elder Lloyd 

May 12, 2014

This week was a great week. Just like all of them, full of ups and downs, but a week to learn from just the same.We had the great opportunity to prepare a guy named Sergio for baptism. His wife and family are members and have been for about the past 7 months. When the missionaries were teaching her and the family he didn't want one thing to do with them. Then about 7 months ago they were having problems with one another and Sergio didn't know what to do. He thought of one of the members near by and knew he could trust him. So he went to him, the member talked to him and referred him to the great Bishop here. They helped them work it out, then by himself he started to come to church. There we talked to him and started the process. Through the great example of the bishop and the members this family has taken the first step to being an eternal family. We don't realize how many people are watching us and need us, and HOW important it is to be and do those things that Christ would. People need us, and Christ needs true disciples of Him.  
 This week I have been thinking a lot about consecration, something that is a true sign of conversion.
As Human beings it is hard for us to give 110% of what we are, and what we have- to Him. And put Him first in everything, in magnifying our calling or just our membership in the church of Jesus Christ not matter the cost. And Magnify in all moments.
It is so cool to see the members here catching the wave if you will;  the "work of salvation" here in Mexico. Taking time out here to visit people with us and helping those who need it. I am more and more convinced every day that this is the way that we are really going to have success in the Lords vineyard, by working hand in hand, the missionaries and members. Its where we see real miracles.
Love you all
Elder Lloyd 

May 5, 2014

This week has been great. Seeing hard work pay off again, but there is always that next level of hard work that we need to find and achieve. Love my new comp, he is great to work with.
This week we had the opportunity to be part of the baptism of another sister of the 2 sisters we have prepared for baptism. This one was extra special.
Her name is Rubi, and she is 17 years old. To be honest we didn't even know that she existed until we went to go teach the 2 other girls that had already been baptized to go over the things that we had taught them, and she was there. She has an almost one year old and had been living with her "boyfriend". Her mom told her that she needed to talk to us. ha ha We began to talk to her, and unlike the other girls she didn't know one thing about the church or anything. Because even though their mom had been baptized very young and not active for the past 16 years the 2 younger ones knew some what of the church. She liked what we taught her a lot and wanted to know more. So we were going to pass her info to the other misión where she lives. The next week her mom told us that she would be coming home to live with the family and away from the boyfriend. We started to teach her and she sucked everything up like a sponge, and would do everything we told her, every bit of "Homework" that we would give her. The first thing we told her to do after inviting her to be baptized was to ask our Heavenly Father if it is what she needed to do. The next day we asked her if she had done it. As her face lit up she responded that yes, we went on to ask if she had her answer. She told us that she was drawing that night and decided to ask Him, and did, she suddenly was filled with a light, and happiness and was still feeling it when she talked to us. She knew it was her answer, and it filled a space that she felt like she had been missing- her whole life, but it was still a tiny bit there. We testified to her that it would be filled with baptism and receiving the Holy Ghost. This weekend was her baptism, after she was baptized she bore her testimony, and wow... The Spirit was SO strong! She was completely in tears  and could barely talk as she testified that even though she had made many mistakes in the past, she has repented to the fullest, and that she knew that Our Heavenly Father has accepted it as well. And that the whole that she has always felt is filling and with the Holy Ghost.
It is SO incredible to know, that our Loving brother Jesús Christ loves us enough that He suffered for everything, so that we can have a new start, a second chance, a new slate. We just need to follow Him in everything. It is through Him and we need to convert EVERYTHING to our Heavenly Father through His example, it is through Him, He lives.
Love you All
Elder Lloyd

April 28, 2014

Helping my buddy sell candy in the streets 

This week, again I don't have too much time at all, and I feel bad that I didn't get one out last week. But these last two weeks have been great. A little crazy but great. I have gotten a new Comp. Named Elder Ruiz, he is from Guadalajara México, we are expecting great things.
The past couple weeks we have been seeing something so beautiful. We are working with a couple and have been for quite sometime that are older in their 60s, late 50s. But the husband Gerraro has a VERY severe drinking problem, he has been an alcoholic since he was 14 years old. We caught him once when he wasnt drunk to give him a  blessing. Sincé then about 4 weeks ago- he has not drank once and said that he doesn't have the urge to anymore and they are going to church consistently. So amazing to have the power of God here with us on the earth. Moses 6:7
The last week, we found such an incredible family of 5, who we love SO much who are just loving the Gospel. We had a great experience with them, we had a great 2nd lesson, and looked at them and with the Spirit invited them to be baptized. They all accepted with cheer, we then explained how and what they need to do to be baptized, one of the things is to ask God to know this is what they need to do. Then the Mother, Blanca; Quickly said, "I already have! and its a yes." the Spirit was so strong, we asked her to share her experience, and she went on to say that she asked Him the night of the first time we passed by and she knows it has been answered. Then told us something that comes from our White Handbook  when we are obedient almost Word for Word, that she knows that we are messengers of the Lord. It is so incredible to see as missionaries and as members, when we are doing exactly what the Lord wants and needs us to, people recognize that we are disciples of the Lord and Savior Jesús Christ, and people are watching and do notice. 
I love you all very much.
With love,
Elder Lloyd

Thursday, April 10, 2014

March 31, 2014

We had a great opportunity to go to the Center for Visitors with some new converts. It was such a great experience to see them feel such an incredible Spirit there, and have that incredible tool there to explain to them what the next step that God wants them to take is. We also went back to some families and people that we stopped teaching for awhile and they felt a difference and are looking forward to moving forward. That being said, We had an other hard week where we saw the Devil trying to break us down, and get us discouraged. But we´re all truckin along with our heads up high. I'm going to be a little short in this letter, but I found a great lesson to be learned this last week. That God will put things in our way, whether it be people, experiences, enlightenment, etc, to help us grow and become the men and women that he wants and needs us to be. But, it is our job to find them and put them into practice in our lives. A lot of times we get so caught up in the hustle and bustle, that we forget to take a step back and look at what is and has gone. How we can become better, love one another, and most importantly how we can become more like Jesús Christ and get closer to our Heavenly Father. It is so easy to let things like this go over our heads. But so amazing when we take time to catch them. Life's not a race, but a journey.
Love you all.
Elder Lloyd

March 24, 2014

This was definitely a rough but gratifying. We had the baptism of Jaky the daughter and sister of Nataly and Antoña two people we had the opportunity to baptize a couple of weeks ago. It was such an incredible journey and an incredible baptism. There was such a strong Spirit, especially when the Hermana Antoña and Nataly got up and bore their testimony, so sweet and pure!
This last week in the zone that we are part of, we opened up 2 new áreas and had some changes. We started off our week with a meeting like how we do every week. It was great, we picked at Alma 17 when the Sons of Mosiah and Alma see each other again and get back to work and convert thousands of people. We Applied it to ourselves and got really pumped, we started the change with a zone fast (that being one of the things that they did in this part of the Book of Mormón) We have seen so many miracles lately and we knew we were headed for even more!... but, so did someone else, Satan. The influences of him this last week were very apparent, in him trying to bring us down in the whole zone and trying to stop us from blessing and changing lives for the eternities.  He did not succeed there is no doubt about that. We kept pushing through and came out okay. But he did give us a run for our money with a lot of fallen appointments, many missionaries in our zone became sick, a lot of hardened hearts in contacting, and chosen people doubting the truth. But the score is on the score board, we all know who is going to win and it is our Heavenly Father. But one still has to choose through the choices he makes what team he wants to be on. Our Heavenly Father lives, and As well as he lives, so does Satan. He also knows us, and in reflecting in this last week, he too recognizes that these are the last minutes in the game, and he knows he is losing and so he will take as many of us with him as he can. He is working double time, and doesn't take breaks or have a day off.
With that being said, we have to be on top of our game, doing the best we can every day to become more and more like our Brother and Savior Jesús Christ, so that we can arrive to our Heavenly Father and be accepted into the Kingdom of the All Mighty with our families forever. We need to live like Enos after his repentance and look forward to the day we will see our Redeemer. And through that we will be happier in this life than we can imagine, it doesn't mean there will be no trails, but we will be able to get through them along side Him, with our head up.
Love you ALL
Elder Lloyd

March 17, 2014

Was a crazy week that we just came out of, but great non the less! Full of conferences and new things happening.
Two weeks ago we prepared and baptized a girl named Irene that we are helping her Mom who is inactive come back to the church. It has been a good experience, seeing her being baptized and her mom getting back into the Góspel. We got a call last Monday saying that her older sister had made the decision to get baptized as well. So we prepared her; she [Yunueth] was baptized last Saturday. She is a really Smart girl and it has been a great experience preparing her.
During the conference our President spoke a lot about the relationship between faith and obedience. We talked a lot about how it explains that we do not have a testimony of things or don't see miracles until AFTER our trail of faith. Our trial of faith here is to be obedient and to follow the rules and to have exact obedience, and only through that is the way that we will see blessings and miracles, and see what our President said that; then the heavens will open and God will rain blessings down upon us. I know it is like that in our lives. Even though it is hard and we don't understand things, we keep moving forward, and its like what Elder Richard G. Scott talks about in one of my favorite talks"trust in the Lord" When we don't know what's going on, its our way of being obedient and keep going forward telling the Lord you don't understand everything, but he does and you will be faithful is one of the greatest ways to exercise faith.
We have been SO blessed in our área here through the act of obedience. We are not perfect, but when we are giving it our best Jesús Christ and the Spirit make up the rest. And when we mess up he wants us to come back and get back on track. I love the scripture in D and C 3 verse 10, Heavenly Father is merciful and loves us more than we could ever imagine. He is our Father.
Love you all,
Elder Lloyd

Baptism of Irene 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 3, 2014

This week has been a week of great miracles and seeing hard work pay off. In the misión we have been talking and learning about something that is "La ley de la cosecha", or the law of the harvest. It is about how if we are obedient and we are working hard the blessings WILL come like it says in D and C 82:10, the Lord is obligated when we do what is right. For example in the misión we might not be seeing results or they might not be coming in the way that we want them. But a lot of times the missionaries come and reap what we have done before and the people are so blessed.
We have had the opportunity to contact at a mínimum of 20 people in the Street. We made sure that we would not miss one day in doing this, well we went three and a half weeks and hadn't missed one day, and we did see blessings but like I said we were not seeing with spiritual eyes and weren't seeing as much success as we would like, and had a lot of rude people. Then this past week to be honest, we felt like we were asking where Ashton Kutcher was because we thought we were being Punked. (Editors note: A show where people are set up in fake situations & caught on camera).Almost everyone we contacted was so nice, even if they didn't want anything. We set lots of lessons and along with our prayers we were so guided in our contacting.
Then something amazing happened. It was a miracle from the start, We were walking down the Street, and we Heard ELDERES ELDERES STOP, so we turned around and a lady was walking fast behind us and caught up and said. Look Elderes, I used to be from this Ward awhile ago, but my son and his wife just moved in and has three assistance(church attendance) in the chapel and only needs one more and 2 more lessons from you guys, he is super excited and so am I. She gave us his address and everything. From then on, about three weeks we have been trying to get into contact with this guy and could not find him for anything.
 The last Saturday night a cita fell through but we had another one to go to. We sat there and thought, and had a feeling we should head down the other Street to contact. We were walking and all of the sudden a taxi pulled up and the lady pops out and says "Elders! how great that you are here lets go!" not even realizing that we were outside of that guys apartment complex. We are Wow! found out fast why we got lead down this Street. We walked in and we clicked with him right off the bat. We got to know him and talk to him for a short while, we asked about the other Elders and what he learned and what called his attention, he started to talk and said,
 Well I felt really good with A name I cant remember an Elder Dastoop.... 
I completely cut him off and said, What did you just say???
 He said Elder Dastoop, and I asked, Elder Dastrup?? 
And I said it in an English accent.
 And He said yeah! He reminds me of you....
 I almost started to cry as I realized that this new investigator of ours has been prepared and taught by one of my best friends and basically my brother whose is in the North Misión - the one that my zone/mission boarders, and to find that he has baptized his daughters. 
I know that the Lord has guided our every step to find this man and his wife, and I am writing this with tears in my eyes being able to have this incredible blessing that Heavenly Father has given me, to finish what Kaylor Dastrup has started. I know that NO matter what, when we are obedient the blessings DO come, there is no doubt in my mind. I know that the church is true, and that keeping the commandments is the way to see blessings, even miracles in our lives. And find true happiness, the Gospel is UNBELIEVABLE!!

I love you all!
Elder Lloyd 

Feb 24, 2014

Once again I don't have to much time to write, I will definitely be setting
time apart in this week that comes. But I just want to testify once more of
the Holy Ghost and how incredible it is and not only that how real it is.
This last week we baptized a mother (Antonia) and one of her daughters
(Nataly-16) We met them in the road. To teach them it is the most amazing thing, talk
about golden investigators! She has another daughter Yaky that is 18 and is
a little more rebel, and wanted NOTHING to do with us. But through the
Spirit and love she is SO stoked to be baptised and loves the Gospel. But
we had the baptism on Saturday and their interviews on friday, On friday
Nataly who loves Eveything about the church and is already planning on
going on a mission diecided that she was not ready to do it. So we had her
do the interview to see how she would feel after, after she felt great but
still wasnt sure. We told her we would be back on saturday in the morning
to talk. We prepared a little lesson and that night and morning went
through alot of prayer. We got there and asked her, what do you feel, she
said no, we went ahead with the lesson, and at the end of testifying that
Satan makes us feel we are not ready and we have to exercise our faith to
recieve the testimony. The spirit was SO strong, she slowly covers her face
and looks down. We asked her Naty how do you feel, you think you can do it?
She looked up with tears flowing down her face and yes, I know I need to,
there is no doubt in my mind. We had a great spirit filled baptism. I know
Without a doubt that that was the Spirit, that we as 2, 20 year old kids
could not do such a thing. We are just a mouthpiece for Him. I love you all
and hope everything is great!!
Love Elder Lloyd

Feb 17, 2014

These last days and weeks have been super crazy, With lots of crazy work, but I love it SO much. Lately we have been really swamped with things to the point that I have been reflecting on one thing. That God magnifies those he calls. There is a short audio clip about this that one of my good friends sent me in December from President Erying. This week we have been really busy like I said, but we are accomplishing what we have to do, and more. It is amazing to see how Heavenly Father sends the Holy Ghost to touch the hearts of the people we teach, and give us strength to complete the sometimes great tasks we have at hand. I know that this is a true principle in every aspect in the Church of the Savior, in every calling. We just have to give everything we have, and do our best. And, then follow the counsel of President Erying and sit back and watch with Spiritual eyes as we watch the Hand of the Lord at work magnifying what we do. I know that This is how he works and that he loves us, If we give him our all and are worthy of the Spirit, we will be tools in his hands to change lives and see miracles. Wether it be as a primary teacher to a stake president, the Lord magnifies those he calls. The war is REAL, we are fighting the fight against the forces of the dark. And our Father in Heaven and Brother Jesus Christ will come out on top. We just have to figure out whose side we are on. 
Love you all so much and thank you for all your prayers and support.
Elder Lloyd 

Feb 3, 2014

This week was a great week, crazy like always, but great like always. We have been working a lot on the house that burned down, and I am happy to say that it is almost done!! What a ride it has been with the house and the family. 
Last week we had the chance to go to the visitors center again with the Hermana Maria before her baptism. As well she brought her daughter that we have started teaching, with her little kids, and the nephews of Maria as well. It was definitely a blessing to be able to go with them and feel the Spirit Super strong and teach them about my favorite things; about the Gospel, Families, and Temples, etc.
We started teaching her daughter not too long ago. We had seen her alot in the house, but she never wanted anything to do with us. Then one day we sat down, she came into the room and sat down as well and said, "okay I am convinced, I have seen what is going on with my mom, and how happy she is and how much she has changed. I want to talk with you guys."  To me this is an awesome example of how we need to be an example. One of the biggest worries for the Hermana Maria was her family and her kids, and just by what she has done and the example she is, her family is following, and not only the we know. Last night we received a text from her Sister that lives about 6 hours away in another state, thanking us for what we have done for her and telling us that from the things she has seen from her she has contacted the missionaries there and will be receiving them with her family. She also told us something that her sister never did and it hit me very hard. That not to long ago Maria was diagnosed with a tumor in her brain, and she has been fighting it ever since. I was transfered today to another area, but last night I was really thinking about how much we never know who we are impacting and in what way, and who knows, we might be the last person that God has put in that persons life to be their example. We need to be trying to live what we know every day in the best way we know how. 
Love you all! 
Elder Lloyd 

Jan 20, 2014

This week was a great one. To be honest we basically were just working 12 days translating for the Lions club, in other words, physically tiring no. Mentally draining? Incredibley!! haha
This week we saw something of a great miracle! The Hermana that we have been teaching and has been progressing, but her family has been terrible to her. Lately we have been recieving texts from an unknown number, very rude ones, calling her stupid, calling us liarers, and telling us to leave her alone. Then she starting reciveing them as well. Even though we wanted to fire back and give them the what for -we said nothing. This morning we recived a text; still not knowing from who, apologizing, and saying we have won them and their trust, and that they dont know what powers we have but they have never seen changes in a person like they have with the investigator Maria.
I know that the Lord Blesses those who stay faithful and push until the end. Thats what Its all about!! God Lives and Blesses, DONT GIVE UP!!
Love Elder Lloyd

Jan 13, 2014

This week we got the awesome opportunity to work with a service called the Lions Club. They are non- profit organization that helps people all over the whole world. What we are doing is; they came down here to give out free glasses and exams and then they give the people free glasses. They don't speak English and so two Zones of us missionaries are their translators. It is awesome, they give out thousands of glasses daily, to people that don't have the money to buy them. The people are SO thankful, its a huge blessing to be able to be a part of it. 
We have been seeing lots of daily miracles. This Mexican New Years, a couple of investigators invited us to go to their house to have dinner, because here on holidays its pretty dangerous- so we have to be in at 7, but on their New Years and Christmas our President said that we could have a dinner appointment and stay out until 9. So we went there and usually there is a lot of family over, but it was only a Hermana. The days before they had had some REALLY rough family problems. Long story short- her grandchildren are the world to her, like EVERYTHING. And due to the problems her son in law was going to take them and move, and her daughter as well, so she was in pieces and told us she had thoughts of just ending it all the night before. But she made goals and was basically promising God in front of us that she is going to do them to become a better person. And stop smoking, not be rude, go to church every Saturday and more. Even though her family is telling her that its not possible that she changes and since she has been talking to us she has had more problems so that means its wrong. We testified to her how she will be blessed very soon for what she is doing. Just as we got done testifying we saw something in the corner of our eyes.... we turned to see her daughter standing there with her two children, she ran over to them all giving them a huge hug, then looking at us with tears running down her face and saying now there is NO question- I am completing what I said. It was one of those very tender mercies. She has been in church every Sunday and has not smoked since that day.
It is so incredible to see so many miracles on a daily basis, and like it says in Mormon 9, miracles like in the days of Jesus Christ still happen. It is just up to our faith, and diligence. 
Love you all- 
Elder Lloyd 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Jan 6, 2014

This week we saw a lot of miracles and had the chance to go through the temple with our ward mission leader to take out his endowments. They have now closed the temple for a year and a half so that was an awesome privilege. 

Dec 30, 2013

This last week was great! 
We had the great opportunity to participate in the baptism of a menos activo girl, who we also took to the Visitors Center that day. She loves to Book of Mormon, and its so awesome to see her grandma that she lives with reactivating and seeing the fire for the Gospel again, Her name is Xochitl Zitzimisyhualt Monatño Cruz....... Yeah, try that one on for size!
 We had a great Christmas here, we had a devotional with the whole zone all about our Savior. Then during the night we went out to give out food to the homeless. We all pitched in money and bought meals, then we knelt in the sacrament room said a prayer to have the Spirit guide us and find who needs these things. The spirit was SO strong!!! We stood up, all looked at each other in silence and then headed out. We walked asking everyone in the street if they knew anyone. Then got an answer of a grandma whose daughter just died, and is now taking care of her 2 grand kids, one of which is handicapped. We found them.  Sang them a Christmas song and gave them a hot meal, they wouldn't let us in to share anything, (Don't think they trusted a group of white guys and Latin's in shirts and ties giving them food in the middle of Mexico City.) So we told them how much of Heavenly father loves them and were off to find the next family. We walked and walked not knowing where we were going, then like someone pushed us we headed to a street, then knocked on a door and asked if they knew anyone who is passing through a hard time in this Christmas night, the lady turned around and yelled, "DAD! Take them with Esperanza!!" then an older man shot out of the house like a bullet and said lets go youngin's. We followed him up to what literally was logs and tarps of a house and as we looked seeing a huge family sitting in the cold with nothing. We walked in and introduced ourselves and gave them the hot Christmas meal. Sang them a song and shared the birth of Jesus Christ from the scriptures. We shared our testimonies of the love of our Heavenly Father and seeing tears in their eyes said good bye and that we loved them and headed off. It is something that will always be in my heart. That Christmas night with the family Reyes Hernandez. We will never know what it meant to them, but we all felt charity, the pure love of Christ that night as missionaries.
I know that the Spirit guided our way that night, and Heavenly Father and our brother Jesus Christ lives and loves us. Every single one of us. 
Love you all,
Elder Lloyd