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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Feb 24, 2014

Once again I don't have to much time to write, I will definitely be setting
time apart in this week that comes. But I just want to testify once more of
the Holy Ghost and how incredible it is and not only that how real it is.
This last week we baptized a mother (Antonia) and one of her daughters
(Nataly-16) We met them in the road. To teach them it is the most amazing thing, talk
about golden investigators! She has another daughter Yaky that is 18 and is
a little more rebel, and wanted NOTHING to do with us. But through the
Spirit and love she is SO stoked to be baptised and loves the Gospel. But
we had the baptism on Saturday and their interviews on friday, On friday
Nataly who loves Eveything about the church and is already planning on
going on a mission diecided that she was not ready to do it. So we had her
do the interview to see how she would feel after, after she felt great but
still wasnt sure. We told her we would be back on saturday in the morning
to talk. We prepared a little lesson and that night and morning went
through alot of prayer. We got there and asked her, what do you feel, she
said no, we went ahead with the lesson, and at the end of testifying that
Satan makes us feel we are not ready and we have to exercise our faith to
recieve the testimony. The spirit was SO strong, she slowly covers her face
and looks down. We asked her Naty how do you feel, you think you can do it?
She looked up with tears flowing down her face and yes, I know I need to,
there is no doubt in my mind. We had a great spirit filled baptism. I know
Without a doubt that that was the Spirit, that we as 2, 20 year old kids
could not do such a thing. We are just a mouthpiece for Him. I love you all
and hope everything is great!!
Love Elder Lloyd

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