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Friday, December 20, 2013

"Ants out ma pants!" --- Dec 16, 2013

This week we have been doing lots of services for others. Ever since our new president got here he has been pushing the service aspect a lot. We are required to do at least one service project a week. We really have been growing our testimonies on it as well. This last week we did three and saw miracles from them. One day this week we saw an old man cutting a stump up in a field with an axe, we headed over and started to help him. It turns out that the stump and all around it was covered in ants, so my comp and I would take turns cutting it up then getting them off.... and out of our pants haha. As it was my turn to get "The ants out ma pants," I went over by where the road is, and was leaning over and heard. "Are you Elder Lloyd?" I looked up and didn't recognize a young boy and girl. I said yes and asked how I could help them, they said. "Well, we are from the family Gracian and we just moved into this area, we are a family of 8 and are looking for the church around here and what time we go." We got their information and visited them that night, turns out it is an inactive family of 8 that moved in a week before, and are looking to come back to church. I know that through the service we were doing we were in the place and time that the Lord needed us to be, I know that what it says in Mosiah is true that when we are in the service of our fellow men we are in the service of God. And he could not be more happy with us! 
Love you all
Elder Lloyd

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dec 9, 2013

Crazy week of running to the offices with marriage papers, running everywhere to get things done, but a great week none the less! We had the great opportunity to baptize an Awesome investigator named Elizabeth, she is about 24 and is the daughter of a member that just recently reactivated. 

She has definitely been one of those golden investigators that you always look for as a missionary. But along the way I have noticed something. Before, we would always go to the house of the Hermana to talk to her daughter, and sometimes we would show up and she wasn't there, so we would always tell her (the mom) to show us where the house is and come with us to visit her there, and she would always tell us. "NO! I'm not going she lives with here boyfriend and mother in law, and they don't like this sort of stuff and will be rude to you!" So we wouldn't go. Then one day we got the directions to where they lived and went by ourselves. We got there and she wasn't there either but her boyfriend was, we talked for a little bit and asked if he would like to talk to us he said yeah and we had a great lesson. From there we have talked with and taught his cousins mom, dad and lots from their REALLY big family, and they love it. His mother especially loves us and talking to us, you can really tell these are people that need the Gospel in  there lives. I have been really realizing in this past week that we need to share the Gospel with everyone, even if we don't think that they are going to accept it is worth a try, and if we don't try they might never have the chance to find what they don't even know they are looking for, and have this incredible light in their lives. The Holy Ghost will put into our minds who these people are and its our job to get over our fears, and doubts and do what our Father and Jesus Christ need to be done!
Thank you for all the love and prayers.
 Elder Lloyd

Monday, December 2, 2013

Dec 2, 2013- Having the spirit guide us in everything we do

  This week was a very good and special week. We had the baptism of Juan and it was incredible, I will never forget seeing him leave the water and then cover his face as he started to cry, and then share his testimony of how the whole week he had been thinking of how his sins would really be washed away, then when he came out of the water he KNEW that they were all forgiven.
(Baptism of Juan Elder Ceollo, Juan, Ward Mission leader, me)
This week we got the chance to have Elder Villalobos from the Quorum of the 70 come and talk to our zone in a conference. He talked a lot about something very big in our lives and VERY important as missionaries. He talked about us being worthy to have the Spirit guide us in everything that we do. We had an experience of this during the week. We were walking and a couple of our citas had fallen through, so we thought where does the Lord need us? Then a name of a lady who I had never met popped into my head. Someone that my other comp had talked to when I was on divisions. In an area where we heard that a house had burned down, but not thought anything of it. So we headed off, we got to the door and a middle aged man came to the door, we asked for the women and he went inside to see, a middle aged women came to the door and told us no she wasn't there. So we started talking to this women named Laurena. We asked her if she had talked to missionaries before, she said yes and we asked if we could share a message with her. She said, "Yes, but this isn't my house, my house burned down 3 days ago, and we are here until we can find out what to do, would you like to do it here or in the other house?" We said the other house, we got there and it was just walls, a humble family of 6 four kids under the age of 11-- that had not a lot to begin with; now have almost nothing.... We entered and shared our message and in the midst of all the disaster was such a sweet spirit. We then promised her that we would do everything in our power to get the house back into condition and better. This week we have put in every morning into rebuilding the house with other missionaries and soon the ward.
I know that the Spirit will guide us and tell us the things we need to do, like to arrive where that family was, but it is not our work it is the Lords and to have that happen we need to do it His way, and be 100% at the top of our game. The Holy Ghost is real, he is our companion and a friend when we need our guide and the way we know this IS the church of Jesus Christ and no one else's. But we need to be worthy to have him with us. 
Love you all
 Elder Lloyd


We want to wish Elder Lloyd The Happiest 20th Birthday!! 
We are so proud of you and love you so much!!

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 Your incredibly proud family / Your biggest fans

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Nov 18, 2013 -- Miracles do happen, and angels do walk with us, but it is our choice if we are going to see them

This week was a great week, a week of hardships that came out to be a week of great lessons.
We are teaching a special friend of our ward mission leader. He is a 24 year old named Juan who has quite an interesting story. He is some what the adopted son of our ward mission leaders wife's family. They found him a couple years ago with absolutely nothing, and offered to have him work for them in their house doing little things, so he would get up and going then he would disappear every so often- then show back up in bad condition again. So they started to give him more and more work until he ended up staying there and ultimately living there. Even though he is 24 years old, he has the mind set of about a 16 year old. He is a great guy. WE heard about his story a little bit and he has a very hard past, of abuse, and neglect, from his family. The other night we were in a lesson with him and we had picked out a couple verses in the Book of Mormon to read to him about seeing miracles in our lives. The Spirit came over the room very strong, he looked at us with tears in his eyes and started to explain how this family; the family Piña, took him in. He then started to sob, and told us about when he sees the needy all over in the street, and how he always thinks, that should be me! But how these angels have come into his life and have given him a second chance, and even though he doesn't have a family that cares, he has them as his family. And now they have lead him to the church and he knows that is for a reason.
It was such a tender moment to me and caused me to think of two things. One of how important families are. They really are everything! We need to love and cherish it for everything that we have. It is definitely something that we take for granted. And two, Heavenly Father knows us perfectly. Knows us by name and knows what we need, and when we are true to Him, He WILL send angels our way to buoy us up in times of need, and make miracles happen. I know that is true and that Families are sacred to Him and if we have lost someone we WILL see them again and live with them, because He will make it happen. We just have to do our part. If we haven't had the blessing of a family in our lives, if we are faithful to Him we can have our own in some way or another. Miracles do happen, and angels do walk with us, but it is our choice if we are going to see them.

Love you all!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Oct 28, 2013

This week was a good one, one of those rough weeks- but you look back and realize all of the things that happened and what good you did. It is starting to get cold here, which is weird, I don't know Mexico as a cold place. It isn't like home cold, but it is for me because I'm so used to the warm now. And with nothing but cement and tile houses, the houses are like human refrigerators. Haha its crazy.
 We are super excited because we broke the highest attendance record in our Ward this last Sunday and we are just expecting it to keep climbing. The members are one of the reasons and the biggest thing is really starting to catch the vision, making visits and doing those little fundamental things.

This week we had the baptism of a guy named Horasio. He really has been an investigator of "gold" as you will. He has been to church for the five times and the thing that I love the most is that he is putting into practice the things that we have been teaching him. In one lesson with him we asked how things were going. He responded good, and that he was having some different problems with different things and he just prayed and read his Book of Mormon and everything eventually straightened out and it was all okay.
It was something that I have been thinking about a lot lately. A lot of times we go through trials, well we could probably say we always are in some form or another. But, when we pass through the big ones, for example, money, school, kids, work, etc.  As humans we do something funny, we feel that we need to focus everything on that problem or trial and do it ourselves and in the act we forget about the greatest help, and what we REALLY need, Our Heavenly Father. How many times have we all said, No I cant go to church I need to get my homework done. I cant go on that visit with you I am swamped with work. Or I need to get this done and go to bed there isn't time to read scriptures..... I have been really realizing how we do that as humans. It's times like these when we need to step back, take a breath and put Him first. Get back to the basics of things, prayer, scripture study, church, and the commandments. And exercise our faith in Him by In this way we are putting everything in His hands and knowing that everything will be okay. If we are good to Him, and we put Him first, He will be VERY, VERY  good to us. I know that following the example of this new member and putting all of our trials in His hands, by doing what he expects of us with our church duties, He WILL take care of what we need and more. He is there and knows how to help, but we have to do our part to receive the help.

Love you all so much!
Love Elder Lloyd

Monday, October 7, 2013

Oct 7, 2013

A great week of spiritual recharge, no?
I hope everyone loved conference as much as I did. It is always so incredible to be able to hear living Prophets. It feels like they are really talking right at you! So incredible!
This week we are so excited, we will be baptizing a young kid of 19 years during this week. His name is Adrian and is such a smart and ready kid! He is a special story, we have been working with him since I got here. But he is a young kid with a really troubled past. Due to that troubled past we have been working through a lot of things, and ultimately had to wait awhile to get permission from the First Presidency of the church for him to be baptized. One night about a week ago our President called us, and gave us the incredible news that he has been passed and given permission to be baptized from the First Presidency. It was such an amazing thing to hear! Then the next night we went to his house, and gathered his family around, who are already members, and we read him a scripture in D and C about forgiveness, then as we looked at him and told him that living Prophets of God have given him permission to be baptized... Wow, the spirit was burning SO strong and it was so incredible. Their father is always at work, and almost never there, as I think about it, I know that Adrian is going to be the worthy strong priesthood holder in that family and that household as it is, is so needed, and it was talked about in conference.
As we have been going through this processes with Adrian, I recently read a talk by Elder Holland given in the conference of May 2012 called the Laborers in the Vineyard; it is an incredible talk. It is based on and describes the parable in Matthew 20:1-15, he talks about it in many different ways. But one point that he makes I love so much, he says" His concern is for the faith at which you finally arrive, not the hour of the day in which you got there." I know that- that is SO true. It doesn't matter what we have done in life, It doesn't matter how late it is, He is ALWAYS there for us to take us back. He wants us, to return to Him more than anything! He loves us more than we could EVER comprehend, and we can feel the incredible healing power of the Atonement, but we need to look and turn to Him take his hand, and follow.
I love all so much
Hope all is well
Love Elder Lloyd

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sep 30, 2013

Another week of crazy mission things! 
This week we were getting all new things put in the houses that we needed. ( microwaves, new mattress, new chairs, Etc..) YES our President loves us!! So that obviously took away a little bit here and there. But we still managed to have a great Spiritual week. 
This week we have been blessed with finding a couple of new people to teach which is always great! We have been working hard with the less active members still, well, which we will be doing from here on out! haha But this week we were 4 away from breaking the all time assistance record that we are currently in. It was SO incredible to see, we have a goal of breaking it by this next November that comes. When we set that goal as a companionship I honestly did not know how we were going to do it. But with hard work, diligence and most importantly the Lord, we can accomplish ANYTHING in our lives! If it be in the will of the Lord. 
This week we went to visit a really cool 16 year old menos activo that we are getting stoked about the mission. We were outside of the apartment building and there was a man that was standing outside, he let us in and looked at us and said, "I have always loved the way that you guys are sent out so young, but are so smart, and mature." WE asked him if he would like to know why and talk with us a little bit. He said of course and we set up an appointment for the next night. 
We went to his house, and he accepted us very openly, one of the first things that he said to us was, you know what I have always wondered? What is it about the Mormons? They always have a light to them and look so happy. It was SO awesome to tell him that it was the Holy Ghost, and then as my comp was telling the first vision, ( one of my favorite parts and lessons; and the Spirit came so strong, then recognizing it and him being able to feel a part of this incredible gift we have, and telling him that he can feel like this forever through the way of the Lord, which is baptism.  
I know that the Spirit is strong enough that if we are living worthily the people around us will see and feel a difference, and I have said it before and I'll say it again the best way to teach is by example! What an amazing gift we have in our lives-- the Holy ghost!  
Love you all Hope all is well! 
Elder Lloyd 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

September 23, 2013

This week was a really crazy one, a lot of things happened that pulled us away from the work a little, but its all good! Keep trucking along.
We have put more pressure on our search and rescue for those many in- actives that we all have here in our wards in Mexico. It has been so awesome working with them and seeing them come back, even one man named Jose. Even after 10 years of being inactive, he was in the church this last week and is so eager to learn. Through our hard work and help of the members our attendance has jumped and it was awesome this last week. I read a talk called The Rescue for Real Growth by Bishop Richard C. Edgley, that I loved, and especially loved this part. 
 "Earlier in my remarks I referred to the prayer Alma offered as he and his companions embarked on the rescue of the Zoramites. During World War II approximately 500 U.S. soldiers and supporting locals were held captive in a prison camp. Because of the suffering and concern for their safety, a volunteer force of approximately 100 U.S. soldiers was selected to rescue these prisoners. After the volunteers were assembled, the commanding officer instructed them something like this: “This evening you men meet with your religious leaders, you kneel down, and you swear to God that as long as you have a single breath of life, you will not let one of these men suffer one more moment.” (See Hampton Sides, Ghost Soldiers: The Forgotten Epic Story of World War II’s Most Dramatic Mission [2001], 28–29.) This successful rescue was a rescue from physical and temporal suffering. Should we be less valiant in our efforts to rescue those who could suffer spiritual and eternal consequences? Should we make less of a commitment to the Lord?" 

This week has been a huge week about obedience, it is one thing that can be hard sometimes, but is always worth it and will always pay off. I have a very strong testimony on it. As missionaries you can really see the difference in when we are obedient and not. I know that applies to everyone as well. Our Father gives us commandments and standards to live by so that he can bless us. On the other hand, Satan does no need us to commit big sins or things of that sort, if he can get us to do the small little things. We little by little distance ourselves from our loving Heavenly Father and we are where the Devil wants and needs us to be .  
Love you all 
Elder Lloyd 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 9, 2013

Washing his clothes by hand!

A lot of changes and a lot of good things in the mission are happening that is for sure!

Our President has been changing things up a little bit. Changing the style up. We have been pushing more and more to work with the members, which it 100 % should be, as well as we are really pushing and focusing on the menos (less) actives in the areas. Which in all reality has been such a cool experience. We have been doing a lot of walking around our area, trying to find the in active people. Which in the city of Mexico is more like trying to find a needle in a hay stack! Apart from all of the houses not having correct numbers, or no numbers for that matter. The map of the area looks more like a maze then a map. But it has been some fun adventures!!

When we started implementing the focus on the less and non actives, I was a little unsure of how we would get to the other people. But it has been SO incredible to see all the blessings that have been coming from doing it the Lords way and through His will! It has been such a testimony builder of the scripture D and C 1:38 where it explains that it does not matter if it is from the voice of the Lords servant or of His own it is the same. I know that all these changes, and things of that sort from the our President are directly from the Lord, I have, and am seeing it in the works right now. Many times we don't understand, or why the Prophet, or the Lord is telling us something, but we need to listen and follow. It is one of the greatest ways to exercise our faith, is to say, I may not understand, but I am in your hands, and trust in that you know what you are doing. When we do that is when we see the blessings. But, as Elder Holland says, Some blessings come now, some come in the near future, and some don't come until the next life, but to those who are faithful they do come. And when we see His hand in our lives! And how incredible it is!

Hope everything is well, thank you for your support and prayers!

Love Elder Lloyd

Monday, September 2, 2013

Sep 2, 2013

One crazy week in the books to be honest!
We had a lot of crazy things that happened this week, Like the person that we were renting form going crazy and having to move all of our stuff out of the house in one night and moving into other missionaries house to name one! Ha ha but everything is good now. We also have a new rule in the mission, and I think it might be for all of Mexico if I'm not mistaken, but it is that all investigators have to attend the church at a minimum of 5 times before they can be baptized. In all reality that one changed the game up a little bit, and was a little hard to take in at the beginning to be honest. But in thinking and praying about it, it is from the Quorum of the 70's, and the leaders of the church, which means it is from God, and this is His work. What it  means is we need to do it to His will and His way to exactness. I have grown my testimony on it, I will make those who we are teaching more prepared. It will really help them make this life changing step life changing. I really feel this is what needs to be done, and what this country and people need.
This week we went to a reference that was from Adán this week. A man named Daniel and his girlfriend Damaris. It was so good to see that in all reality are so prepared to hear the word and change their lives, And in changes like the ones we are having in the mission, there are people ready and happy to take these things and run with them. The Lord always knows what he is doing, even if we don't get it, or don't understand. There is a reason for everything. We just need to humble ourselves like our perfect brother Jesus Christ and accept His will and trust in Him.
Hope everyone is doing great, love you all 
Elder Lloyd 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Aug 26, 2013- our UTES in Mexico City

 Elder Lloyd and his new companion Elder Rodriguez

Just another week in Paradise in the work of the Lord! This week being with my new comp has been so awesome. It is so great to see all the awesome ready missionaries that are coming into the field. He is a great, hard working kid! Such a great blessing to be with him!
We were suppose to have the baptism and marriage of Adáns parents this last week, they were going to sign the papers on Friday, but called us on Wednesday and they were in a fight and don't want to get married and want to wait for the baptism. It is true that when we put them on our list, so does Satan. This week we had the privilege of being part of the baptisms of 2 great people. A mom named Vanessa and her son Ivan. We meet them about 2 weeks ago and they are such great people. Her mother and little brother have been members for over a year now, and her dad about a year. At first we were teaching her, Ivan 14, and her daughter Karen 13 in the house of her mother in law. Her husband didn't want anything to do with us. After a little bit we got kick out of that house because they are super Catholics and don't want us in there. Soooo we moved to the church. We had great discussions with them, the bad thing after a while, and we don't know why, is Karen didn't want to talk with us anymore. And it was so apparent to me the strong impact the example of her family has had on her. That is why she decided to talk to us and make the commitment of going to church.
We all know it and it is so simple. But it is more and more apparent to me how it is more important than anything to be an example to others, and leading others by example. It is so amazing what it can and will do.  In a book called True to the Faith, it says that we have a great responsibility to preach the Gospel as members, and the best way to do it is be an example, like our brother Jesús Christ. People will see a difference in us, a light, and feel different around us and follow. One of my favorite quotes says, "Be the light on the top of the hill that people can follow, that doesn't mean a flash light shinning in everyone's eyes."
That is what the family of Vanessa has done for her and her son and I know that they will do the same for the rest of the family. He gave us a ride home from the baptism, and REALLY warmed up to us, we gave him a Book of Mormon and talked about it on the ride. And he even gave us a hug when he dropped us off. (wasn't expecting that) With faith and hard work, we will see miracles!

Lots of love

Elder Lloyd

Ivan, Vanessa, the missionaries, and her brother that baptized them.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New area, New Companion--Aug 19, 2013

Another week that just flew by that is for sure! But another great one none the less!
Looks like I will be receiving more changes, AGAIN, ha-ha. I get the blessing of being able to be with one of the new incoming missionaries, which will be a great experience. But I'm going to miss my old comp!! We had been blessed enough to be a part of the baptism of Adán this week. It was such an awesome thing. The pump wasn't working so we had to fill the font up with gallon buckets, from the well to the window, to the font. With four missionaries working, we got it done right in time!  As you can see in the pictures, our President made a surprise visit to the baptism of Adán. It was such a great experience having him there. 

During the week we met Adáns family, his mom, little sister and stepdad. We are now teaching them and are so excited because they are progressing so well! During one of our lessons with him and his family, his stepdad told him to make sure he knows what he is doing, and that he really wants this. It was so amazing to hear his answer of, "I know what I want, I have prayed about this, and I have my answer. I know what I need to do. I have also decided to prepare myself to serve a mission in 2 years when I'm 18 like these Elders." What a kid! But his Mom told us that it wasn't always like this. She told us, about just a couple weeks ago, how he would come home drunk, and smelling of smoke. And she said look at him now, as he was leaving the house in a white shirt and tie, going to get signed up for Seminary. She told us that she never thought it was possible, and he would never change. It was called to my attention to show her in Matthew. It is Matthew 19:26Where Jesus Christ says, For of men this is impossible, but of God everything is possible.
I KNOW that is true!! Just when we think something is impossible, when we feel that someone will never change, that we ourselves will never change, if we are trying to do it on our own. It is.... But like Christ says, through God NOTHING is impossible. I have seen it many times already on my mission in the little 8 months that I have. Literal miracles, but there is one distinct common theme, it is all through our loving Heavenly Father, and doing what he wants us to do, in following our brother Jesus Christ. We are seeing this in action in so many peoples lives, a Lady named Vanessa, and her 2 kids, a great 19 year old named Adrian who is more then ready to be baptized, but we just have to wait for some papers from the Church offices. It is so amazing to see!
I love you all!
Hope all is well.
Elder Lloyd

Adán, his little sister and mom, President Hall and the family that referred him

Adán, Elder Mendez ( From Ciudad Apizaco Tlaxcala Mexico), and I

Adan with President Hall

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

No limits to family happiness and strength - Aug 5, 2013

Another week down in Mexico! I was recently moved, well yesterday to another area, it is on the out skirts of the mission and is a little different, not as densely packed, but still unbelievably packed, ha-ha! I am with a new comp. from here in Mexico named Elder Mendez. He has been in the mission for 4 months and I am expecting great things. Nothing but hard work for the Lord!
 This past week we have been working a lot with a couple families. They are SO great and have so much potential. We set goals with 2 of the families, one being the family of Luis- to not only to be baptized but to be able to go to the temple in one year from their baptism. It is a thing that is the most beautiful thing that they could do as a family and I know that. They are going to have to work hard, But I know that with enough faith they are going to do it! The common theme that I have been seeing in these families that we were working with is the lack of the head of the household, the father. We know how important it is and especially with the priesthood, and with the incredible support and gifts of a wife. There are no limits to family happiness and strengths. This last Sunday Luis's stepdad came to church, and he was alone, (Luis was at a camp- out with the ward). I know that is how they are going to reach and complete their goal of the temple. It is by the great example of an incredible Dad, one of which I was and am SO blessed to have!
Love you all,
Elder Lloyd

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Built on the rock of Jesus Christ - July 29, 2013

This week was a hard one, but one that like every week was very worth it. 
We had an experience that was so incredible. 
We were teaching the family of Luis as our last lesson of the day a couple of days ago. We have been having great lessons with them. We had wrapped up and were ready to go home for the day. When his Mom said to his dad that they need to go get gas to cook, and he needed to take a big gas tank down to a place where you can exchange it. Without thinking I grabbed it, threw it on my shoulder and said lets go. We headed out and started walking with Luis, his dad and little sister. It was just about 9 and time for us to get in our house, and usually when its about that time, all I can think about is running to get home. But for some reason, that feeling wasn't there, and I just felt, "just keep going." We were walking and walking, realistically not knowing where we were going with them, but for some reason it didn't matter. 
We arrived at this big metal door, knocked and Luis's dad went in. We were standing outside and going to wait, then all of a sudden all three of us ( Luis, Elder Thomson, and I) looked at each other, and with out saying anything walked in. As I walked in, I looked over to see a place that looked like a little restaurant type of place, with about 8 really drunk men, but I didn't think anything of it. 
As we stood there waiting, I felt a hand on my shoulder and a voice say, Elder. I looked over to see a pretty drunk man, as he said, "Don't you Elders go in there." My companion and I knew that he was a member because he referred to us as elder, Everyone else calls us brothers. When my companion walked over by me he asked him if he was a member. He said yes, Looked down painfully, and said I have been 38 years in the church.... And was a bishop from 2009 to 2012. It hit us like a ton of bricks, and we felt such a sorrow that I have never felt. We talked to him for a little bit to find out where he is from, and he broke down and said he never wanted to be like this or in this spot. Then he asked, who Luis and his family were. We told him investigators, and that Luis was baptized about a week ago, He looked at Luis, and broke down crying like a little kid pointing his finger saying, "THIS IS THE TRUE CHURCH OF CHRIST, This is the truth, I  am here for personal problems, Don't you leave this church. And these two men are men of God". He looked at me and fell into my arms and said, You have angels walking with you, remember that!!! I have never felt anything like that in my life. We testified with everything we had that he can get back to where he was, that he needs to for all those people of the ward we work with that look up to him and need him. Then Luis walked up to him, and I
in one of the most rewarding things I have seen, and gave him a loving hug, and said "Bishop, you can do it, you keep fighting you are going to do it...". My companion looked at him and said, Bishop we are leaving, but not without you, lets go get you a taxi and leave this place forever. He agreed and we flagged  down a taxi outside, gave the driver some money , and told him to get him home safely... we got his number and will be visiting him soon. 
It was one of the more touching, experiences of my mission. I learned so much from this experience, that it doesn't matter who we are, what we are, or have been, the devil will work on us harder and harder. It doesn't matter if we are an an ex missionary, stake president, or bishop, the devil will find our weakness, whether it is loosing our temper, fighting with our family, Whatever, he will pick at it until he gets us. But if we are built on the rock of Jesus Christ we will ALWAYS come out on top!! 

Love you All. 
Elder Lloyd 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New Mexico MTC - July 20, 2013

We are now officially in the middle of rainy season! (Which I don't mind) It goes from a regular nice day here, to the craziest down pours I have ever seen! At least once a day for a couple hours. But hey whatever!! ha 
This week was a hard week, felt like we got kicked around a little bit. But that's the grind for ya! Gotta love it!! 
We have been working with Luis's family this week which is great! We went to their house and went just to talk to his mom. His step dad is almost never home and we have only seen him a couple of times, but when we went he came in from work. Then he came up to us he told us, I have been thinking about you guys a lot. We asked him why, he went on to respond that he was really drunk the night before, and felt REALLY bad about it, and thought about us and how he is ready to change his life. We have had awesome lessons with them, but we are having a hard time with them acting on what we teach. But we have gotten them to pray as a family, which is so great to see. Love it. Little by little, step by step!
This week we have really been trying to focus on and do all of the little things. The little things that make such a huge difference. It applies to everything in life, and everything that we do. I have come to realize that if we are not going to do the little things, then when the big things come along, we aren't going to do those either. We have to start at the bottom. 

And like Alma Says, "By small and simple things, great things are brought to pass." 

Love Elder Lloyd 

We snuck into the new MTC 
 (Editors Note: Is it even possible for missionaries to "sneak" into an MTC? haha)

Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013

One of my favorite Elders, Elder Ortolano (from Provo) and I after eating Habanero peppers... Hold the zone record of 4 eaten at one time (NEVER AGAIN!!!!!)

Eating cabeza tacos with the cabezas (market fresh guarantee ... got a couple pieces of skull too!

Another week of hard work and blessings! We have had some great stuff happen this week, and been so blessed. This week we had the privilege of baptizing Luis, the teenager that I had talked about in my letters when I had gotten here. Who's brother had died a couple years back and is a great kid. Well we had been working with him for a couple weeks and he had been progressing great. We stopped by one day unannounced, and he was just reading his Book of Mormon, he was going to Young Men's all by himself and everything. It was awesome. But.... His Mom told us that it is totally fine for us to come and talk with him, but he is NOT getting baptized, and with him being under age we couldn't do anything about it.
 This last week we had been praying for her heart to be softened, and we finally got him to talk to her with us which was a big step because before she wouldn't have anything to do with us. We had a great lesson, with a strong spirit. But by the end it was a "no... but I will talk with him". We walked out, just hoping and praying.
 The next day we showed up and said, have you talked? She said yes. We asked what they said. With a smile on her face she said yes. WOW we could not have been happier, and as you can see by the pictures, they all came to the baptism, and are really starting to warm up to us. 
Luis and his family, love these two girls.

To start off this week we were in the offices taking care of some things, and it was packed with a new wave of missionaries that had just come into the mission. Our President was there as well, he walked up to us and said, "I want to see something out of you two, lead this zone, winning is contagious." Then he set some very high goals with us. Then he promised us if we are on our knees at night, and truly tell Heavenly Father we gave him everything we had during the day, he would open up the heavens for us. We didn't know how we were going to do it, but we knew what our President had told us was true!
 So, we did as he instructed and everyday without fail, we saw miracles and we were able to reach our goals everyday. It was a huge testimony builder of the phrase, "Get on your knees and ask for help, then get on your feet and go to work!"
 I know that our Father is in Heaven, not only is he watching us, but He listens to all of our prayers. If we pray like it is all depending on him, and work like it is all depending on us, He WILL send ministering angels to surround us and provide us with everything we need. 
In D & C 82:11 we have that promise. I know it to be true. 
Elder Lloyd

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New Mission President - July 8, 2013

This week was a different one.  A lot of crazy stuff going on, but a lot of good stuff. To start off the week I had to go to renew my visa at immigration, which was a pretty cool experience. To see all the different people from all over the world. We had a pretty good time playing with the little Chinese kids, and speaking to their parents in Spanish which is neither of our native languages.
This week we had the great opportunity to meet our new mission President. He is incredible! Last week I talked about people being put in our lives, well what a testament to that- with receiving our new President. He is exactly what this mission, or any mission for that matter needs. I am SO excited to work under and with this amazing man and his wife.
We had a disappointment in the fact that we were unable to baptize our investigator Carlos, when his date of his baptism came, he was not ready. He told us he cant with school and things, he just wouldn't feel right doing it. Because he wouldn't be able to go to church services or anything. It was defiantly hard to see, but God has set out the time for everyone.
We are setting out to really burn things up this week. Work, work, work, and work some more. It was a difficult, and different week for sure, but we are ready to strap up and get at it this coming week.
It all starts with humility, and it all ends with pride.
Love you all
Elder Lloyd

Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24, 2013

This week was definitely different. We had some set backs and some different things come up. But it was still a great week! Just keep trucking along with everything we've got. 
This week I have been thinking a lot about the simple fundamental things. We had an experience, where we were standing out in front of a shoe store, it was raining and was dark. We were ready to go home, when a young 22 year old came around the corner, he looked really stressed out and sad. He looked at us and said Elders, I need you to preach something to me. We said okay, like what, he said the plan of salvation or something I just need it. So really quick we gave him a run through the whole lesson there in the street. He looked at us with tears in his eyes and just said thank you. We talked to him a little bit, turns out he is a member but has been inactive for a long time now. We asked him if we could set up an a appointment  to visit him another day. This past Sunday we went to his house. We got to know him a bit more. Turns out he was really active. He actually went on 2 mini missions while he was younger. But as time went on, he started to have questions and doubts, and stopped doing the things we need to do, the small and simple things, reading the Book of Mormon, praying, and attending church. We helped him understand some thing's, and helped him remember those fundamental things, then yesterday we saw him at church. We were SO happy. 

In my mission, when we go to visit inactive members, there is always a common theme. They have stopped doing the fundamental, "primary" things that we know how to do. That's where it all starts and that's what will keep us going, keep doubts from creeping in too deep into our lives, and most importantly keep us close to our Heavenly Father and on the path that will lead us back to His loving arms once again! Prayer, Scriputres, and Church, That's what its all about!! 
Love you all!! 
Elder Lloyd 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

6 Months Down!!

In celebrating Elder Lloyd's 6 month mark and 1/4 of the way through we'd like to share a touching video and song by Carli Barlow!

We love you Bennett and couldn't be prouder of your last 6 months!!

Two years by: Carli Barlow

June 17, 2013

What a great we've had this past week! 
This week was definitely an awesome one! A lot of good things happening and picking up! We were riding on the bus this week and a man came up to us and starting to speak English. We talked to him a little then come to find out that he had lived in Florida for 15 years. He told us that he loves it there but got sent back, as we got talking we found out that he loved the religions that were there, and lives and owns a laundry shop in our area, we asked him if we could come by and he said of course. We ended up going by a couple days later. We stopped by and there was he and his wife, they have the rest of the family in the US, and one of the cutest 3 year old girls I have seen. We started the lesson and it was awesome. They told us that they had the missionaries over about a year ago, and really liked it. But they had doubts about Joseph Smith. We taught the first lesson and it was great. They were super receptive and we helped them clear up their doubts. The next day when we went back, She said to us, in her broken English and tears- "I need to tell you something....... I know you guys are from God, I sat there all night thinking about what you have taught us, and you two boys all night. you reminded me of my boys who are still in the States right now." It was one of the most touching things ever, one of those moments you just sit back and know, this is why I'm here, for incredible families like this. I cant wait to keep moving forward with this great family. 
We had such an incredible opportunity to baptize one of my favorite guys ever, Alejandro. 
This week we had such a big testimony builder on faith and prayer. As we were wrapping up our last lesson with him before his baptism, We decided to run through the interview questions just so we felt he was prepared. It came out and he told us he doesn't know if Joseph Smith is a Prophet, or the Book of Mormon is the word of God. We decided to kneel down and ask Heavenly Father right there. We knelt down and he offered a great simple prayer, and we were praying SO hard in our hearts he would receive an answer. After we sat and looked at each other in silence. Then asked him how he felt. He responded with, "the same." Even though he didn't get his answer right there, we knew he would. We told him that and to keep praying, and promised him he would get an answer before his interview the next day. We met up with him at the chapel, he came in and had his interview with our zone leader (Who we had told before hand he had some doubts with the Book of Mormon). After he came out and had the great news he was getting baptized. Alejandro left and our zone leader looked at us and said, "I've got something cool to tell you. I don't know why he wanted me to tell you this after he left, but after you guys left yesterday afternoon he told me he kept praying, he was just pleading with Heavenly Father to tell me if its true. He said he left his house, and when he walked outside, he just focused on the girl in the street talking, and he doesn't know why. He started listening to what she was saying, and she was testifying of Joseph Smith being a prophet and the Book of Mormon is true. He said right then he knew it was true and he knew it was his answer." I could not have been more happy to hear that awesome story.
It is such a testament to how with true and honest prayer, anything is possible. Anything that we need, whether it be the answer to a question, strengthening where we are weak, or a new job. Our Loving Father is ALWAYS there to provide us with that of what we need. All we need to do is pray with what Moroni teaches;  a sincere heart, true intention and faith in Jesus Christ. He is there and he is listening and through prayer we can feel His love and comfort for us. 
Love you all! Thank you for all you love, support, and prayers.
Elder Lloyd

Friday, June 14, 2013

Mexico City Temple - June 10, 2013

A great week to see our hard work pay off! First of this week we got an amazing opportunity to go to the Temple this week with our ward mission leader, and some of the new converts from the ward. It was such an incredible experience being able to see them do baptisms for the dead. So Awesome.

We found a man named Bernito that has been progressing great. He is a man that sells goodies in the street. It is a little bit hard, because he is a little slow of learning, so that, with a little bit of language barrier can be hard at times. But as long as we have the Holy Ghost to testify. All is totally fine. 
We have been teaching a man named Alejandro since I have been here. My companion and his old companion found him by a soccer field drunk, and he wanted to talk about the bible. He is one of my favorite guys to teach. He has been progressing really well reading, attending church and everything. But he keeps telling us he doesn't want to get baptized because he doesn't like church... Yeah we didn't know what to say about that or what to do. We had been brain storming finding out what he needs and how we can help him make this amazing step in life. One day we just decided to talk about baptism and the importance. We came up over and sat down, had our prayer and started in. We started off by saying, now Alejandro we have the goal to work toward of this Saturday, but you aren't sure about it and you don't think you are going to  follow through. Before we finished he looks at us and says. I'm ready, and I want to be baptized. My comp and I look at each other and know, this was a gift from Heavenly Father! We asked him what had changed his mind. He told us that he had been thinking, and it came clear to him that he needs a change, a new start. That drinking is not living, it is nothing. He has a 17 year old son that is starting down the wrong path, and he knows that he needs to be an example for him. The Spirit was so strong as he told us this things. I know that the way that he got to this point was through the Spirit testifying to him. All we had to do is show him like what D & C talks about, and showing him love unfeigned. As cheesy as it sounds, With love anything is possible, even when it comes to literally changing lives. Through us being a window to Christ pure love, and seeing people as He does. We can simply change someone's day or week, and literally make miracles in our own and the lives of others. I think it was The Beatles who said it best. All we need is love! haha Love like Christ and everything works out.
I love you all hope everything is well. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June 3, 2013

This week was another week that we are going to have to pick our selves off the floor and hit it hard again. But hey! That's what its all about, gotta love it!! 
We have found some really great people this week. We are going to be teaching a guy that lives right next to us by the name of Cina. We always see him around, and he knows a little bit of English, so he loves talking to us. He is a long haired, hard looking taxi driver, that loves to drink. Last night as we were walking home, we found him drunk in the street, and we started to talk. After a little chat we asked him, Cina, are you happy living this life? Very quickly he answered back. No way! I want to change! This life is terrible, you think I like living like this? Its just hard every time I need him, God isn't there, I cant find him, so I turn to this stuff. As we talked, we asked him, Cina if you really want to change and find your Father in Heaven, we are here, and that is WHY we are here. He looked at us in the eye and said yes. I am so excited to meet with him tomorrow
Another cool experience we had this week, We were walking home from a hard day where we had some awesome lessons with some great people. Then how the work is some times everything fell through. So as we were walking down a hill the drunks were yelling at us to come talk to them like always, so we thought, hey, why not lighten up the mood a little. As we were listening to them and all the crazy funny stuff they were saying, a lady of about 50 years old, who we have seen around that area passed us looking distraught. Then looks back at us and says, brothers please help, my husband is drunk and is going to hit my daughter. My companion and I looked each other and headed up the hill with her. We walked up to the house sure enough to find a very drunk man in the door way, and about a 26 year old girl with another man crying. As the man was yelling we head over to him and talked him down. As we were doing so the daughter and other man left. I look over again to see the women, standing alone. I headed over to talk to her, as I was talking to her and asking her if she was okay, she just broke down. It was so sad to hear her just crying to us, telling us how she has been living like this for 30 some years, and how her daughter is now in the same situation, and she attributes it all to her. She told us she feels because of it Heavenly Father isn't there to listen to her. As sad as it was, it was so comforting to be able to tell her, with all our heart, and soul that Heavenly Father IS there, and she can change. And that is why we are here, to help her change, and to feel our Heavenly Fathers love, and help grow her relationship with him. I know that with all my soul it is never too late to change those things that we need to, that Heavenly Father is there and is waiting and wanting to help us change. And through the incredible sacrifice of Jesus Christ we can change and be completely forgiven. Living each day is a processes of becoming a better person through the blood he shed. He knows how we feel and how to help us! 
Everday a better person! 
Love you all 
Elder Lloyd

Monday, May 27, 2013

Mexico City Centro - May 27, 2013

This week was a testing one for sure, Satan threw a lot in our way this week. We started the week fired up and ready to go, And how missionary work goes sometimes everything just kept dropping. Everything was going wrong, but we kept pushing and pushing everyday. Even though our numbers didn't show it, we had a great week, and felt so good, (and a bit beat up) after this week. 
 With the teenager (Luis) that I talk about in my last letter. We were having a lesson like normal, and started talking about the work that he could do for his brother who passed away about three years earlier. As we were talking and testifying, the Spirit came in so strong! As we recognized it, then asked him how he felt, right in this moment, right now. He told us that he cant describe it, like he has taken a big breath of air. Those are my favorite moments in every lesson. When we get to help these people recognize that that is the Holy Ghost, and he is testifying within you, that these things are true, and that our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live, and love us SO much! What a great opportunity we have to also tell them that they can receive that same feeling and gift for the rest of their lives. To comfort them in need of comfort, guidance when we need guidance, and most of all to testify that our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ live and love us. I KNOW that when we live worthy, and are constantly trying to do our best, and become better people day by day. WE are able to have this INCREDIBLE gift that Heavenly Father has given us. With this gift and being worthy to use it, I know we will never be lost, things always get hard. But we will always know were to go. A lot of times we don't know how its going to end, or how we are going to do it. But we will know that we CAN do it. That is the best part for me. The Holy Ghost IS the 3rd member of the Godhead, and IS the comforter, our guide, and our amigo.
Love you all so much and thank you so much for the prayers and support!
God speed the wheel!!
Elder Lloyd 

We had the opportunity to go to the centro (New York of Mexico) for my companions Birthday today
 Catholic Church in Centro 
 The Inside
 Ruins in the middle of the city

Dinner at members with the Sisters 

Elder Tillawalpa is one of my good friends from the mish, he served with Hermana Gee (a good family friend) in Peru while waiting for his visa

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May 20, 2013 - Blessing his body to be still and calm

This is how we rock taxis around here 

Another hard working week down in the books! I came into this new area and we didn't have a lot to work with. But through pushing ourselves we had such an  incredible week! 
Because we basically didn't have any investigators to start with, we made the decision to get the ward list, and visit the inactives. To help reactivate them, and to see if all of their family is members also. Through this we have been so blessed. This last Tuesday we were looking for a house (which a lot of times here is close to if not impossible) And we thought it was this tiny house, basically nothing of a house. We were yelling good after noon to see if there was anyone home, because there isn't any door bell or anything. As we were doing this a teenage boy named Luis came and told us that this was his grandmas house and asked if he could help us. Turns out that it was the wrong house, but we had the impression to tell him a bit of what we do, and asked if we could talk to him a bit. He responded yes and we headed to his house. We had a great lesson, and he told us that he has been looking for a church, and answers. During our lesson I asked him what experiences he has that brings him to believe in Heavenly Father. He went on to tell a story. He had a brother who was 4 years older than him, and this month 3 years ago past away of a sickness. In that same month his mother was pregnant with his little sister, and when she was born she was born with the umbilical cord tied around her neck, and they almost lost her life. He went on to tell us that he knows that God lives because He saved her life and knew that his family could not take another death. Wow, what a kid! 
We have a baptism with this awesome guy named Abe, he is about 30. One of the most rewarding things was seeing him yesterday, as we looked out the window of the bus, walking home from church smiling, and Book of Mormon in hand. 
We also got word that there is an in active family that has a son that just turned 8. So we headed over to go talk to them. We came in, and it was just the wife Rosa and her 8 year old son, and one other. The other son is SEVERELY handicapped, basically not functional. He was born with water on his brain, and the doctors said he wasn't going to live. He received a priesthood blessing and now he is 2 and a half years old! It is one of the best things in the whole world to see how much love they have for that little boy!! We made an appointment to come back to talk to the husband. This past Friday we went over again, and Omar the husband was there. We talked to him about the opportunity he has to drop the habits like drinking and smoking that he has picked up, come back to church and receive the priesthood and baptize his son. With so much conviction in his eyes, he looked at us and said he wants to change and is ready. It was so strong. We decided to read a chapter of the Book of Mormon with them. During the chapter, their little boy in the arms of the mother started to shake and threw up. We didn't know if it was regular so we didn't say anything and it stopped. After about 5 minutes it started again and worse. My companion stopped the lesson, and asked if we could give him a blessing. They said please! We rushed over to him, and in one of the most incredible experiences I have had, as I called on the powers of God to give this little valiant, shaking boy a blessing, and blessing his body to be still and calm, and to literally feel him slowly stop and fall asleep in the arms of his father....... I know with out doubt that this is the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, and no one else. That as we live worthy we have to TRUE and REAL power of God to bless and sanctified His children. The priesthood is real! I know that with all my heart! Hope everyone is doing awesome!

So it started to rain a little here... these are streets, NOT rivers

 Love you all!!
Elder Lloyd

Monday, May 13, 2013

May 13, 2013

This past week we have really been blessed! We were at a member families house one day asking if they knew where a family lived. As we were leaving the Mother said. Oh yeah, and you need to teach her also! And pointed to one of the sons girlfriends who we have met before, and who just had a baby the week before. We said alright, well be over tomorrow. We got there, and I didn't know what to expect, Because every time we had been over before, she would never talk to us. We came in and started the lesson. The Baby started to cry so she went to go get him. As we taught her there with her brand new baby in her arms, there was such a sweet spirit. There had something changed in her also, She had this drive and wants to just go to church, and to be baptized and be forgiven from all her passed transgressions. It was so awesome to see the want in her eyes to be a better person, and to give her, and her little baby a new life and better life. We had a date for today to get the marriage papers between her and her boyfriend started. Then yesterday I got the call that I am being transferred. So I will find out how things went tonight. 
I am in the same zone just a different area and knew comp. I am With Elder Thompson from California now. He is a big time wrestler and good guy. I've known him since I got here. We Get even weirder looks now, two white kids in the middle of Mexico City. ha-ha But I'm looking forward to some great work with him. 
Hope everyone is doing great. 
Love Elder Lloyd

This is our Abuela (grandma) she feeds us when we are hungry, and is always giving us advice 

(who knows why she wanted to shake hands in the pics)