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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June 3, 2013

This week was another week that we are going to have to pick our selves off the floor and hit it hard again. But hey! That's what its all about, gotta love it!! 
We have found some really great people this week. We are going to be teaching a guy that lives right next to us by the name of Cina. We always see him around, and he knows a little bit of English, so he loves talking to us. He is a long haired, hard looking taxi driver, that loves to drink. Last night as we were walking home, we found him drunk in the street, and we started to talk. After a little chat we asked him, Cina, are you happy living this life? Very quickly he answered back. No way! I want to change! This life is terrible, you think I like living like this? Its just hard every time I need him, God isn't there, I cant find him, so I turn to this stuff. As we talked, we asked him, Cina if you really want to change and find your Father in Heaven, we are here, and that is WHY we are here. He looked at us in the eye and said yes. I am so excited to meet with him tomorrow
Another cool experience we had this week, We were walking home from a hard day where we had some awesome lessons with some great people. Then how the work is some times everything fell through. So as we were walking down a hill the drunks were yelling at us to come talk to them like always, so we thought, hey, why not lighten up the mood a little. As we were listening to them and all the crazy funny stuff they were saying, a lady of about 50 years old, who we have seen around that area passed us looking distraught. Then looks back at us and says, brothers please help, my husband is drunk and is going to hit my daughter. My companion and I looked each other and headed up the hill with her. We walked up to the house sure enough to find a very drunk man in the door way, and about a 26 year old girl with another man crying. As the man was yelling we head over to him and talked him down. As we were doing so the daughter and other man left. I look over again to see the women, standing alone. I headed over to talk to her, as I was talking to her and asking her if she was okay, she just broke down. It was so sad to hear her just crying to us, telling us how she has been living like this for 30 some years, and how her daughter is now in the same situation, and she attributes it all to her. She told us she feels because of it Heavenly Father isn't there to listen to her. As sad as it was, it was so comforting to be able to tell her, with all our heart, and soul that Heavenly Father IS there, and she can change. And that is why we are here, to help her change, and to feel our Heavenly Fathers love, and help grow her relationship with him. I know that with all my soul it is never too late to change those things that we need to, that Heavenly Father is there and is waiting and wanting to help us change. And through the incredible sacrifice of Jesus Christ we can change and be completely forgiven. Living each day is a processes of becoming a better person through the blood he shed. He knows how we feel and how to help us! 
Everday a better person! 
Love you all 
Elder Lloyd

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