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Monday, May 27, 2013

Mexico City Centro - May 27, 2013

This week was a testing one for sure, Satan threw a lot in our way this week. We started the week fired up and ready to go, And how missionary work goes sometimes everything just kept dropping. Everything was going wrong, but we kept pushing and pushing everyday. Even though our numbers didn't show it, we had a great week, and felt so good, (and a bit beat up) after this week. 
 With the teenager (Luis) that I talk about in my last letter. We were having a lesson like normal, and started talking about the work that he could do for his brother who passed away about three years earlier. As we were talking and testifying, the Spirit came in so strong! As we recognized it, then asked him how he felt, right in this moment, right now. He told us that he cant describe it, like he has taken a big breath of air. Those are my favorite moments in every lesson. When we get to help these people recognize that that is the Holy Ghost, and he is testifying within you, that these things are true, and that our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live, and love us SO much! What a great opportunity we have to also tell them that they can receive that same feeling and gift for the rest of their lives. To comfort them in need of comfort, guidance when we need guidance, and most of all to testify that our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ live and love us. I KNOW that when we live worthy, and are constantly trying to do our best, and become better people day by day. WE are able to have this INCREDIBLE gift that Heavenly Father has given us. With this gift and being worthy to use it, I know we will never be lost, things always get hard. But we will always know were to go. A lot of times we don't know how its going to end, or how we are going to do it. But we will know that we CAN do it. That is the best part for me. The Holy Ghost IS the 3rd member of the Godhead, and IS the comforter, our guide, and our amigo.
Love you all so much and thank you so much for the prayers and support!
God speed the wheel!!
Elder Lloyd 

We had the opportunity to go to the centro (New York of Mexico) for my companions Birthday today
 Catholic Church in Centro 
 The Inside
 Ruins in the middle of the city

Dinner at members with the Sisters 

Elder Tillawalpa is one of my good friends from the mish, he served with Hermana Gee (a good family friend) in Peru while waiting for his visa

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May 20, 2013 - Blessing his body to be still and calm

This is how we rock taxis around here 

Another hard working week down in the books! I came into this new area and we didn't have a lot to work with. But through pushing ourselves we had such an  incredible week! 
Because we basically didn't have any investigators to start with, we made the decision to get the ward list, and visit the inactives. To help reactivate them, and to see if all of their family is members also. Through this we have been so blessed. This last Tuesday we were looking for a house (which a lot of times here is close to if not impossible) And we thought it was this tiny house, basically nothing of a house. We were yelling good after noon to see if there was anyone home, because there isn't any door bell or anything. As we were doing this a teenage boy named Luis came and told us that this was his grandmas house and asked if he could help us. Turns out that it was the wrong house, but we had the impression to tell him a bit of what we do, and asked if we could talk to him a bit. He responded yes and we headed to his house. We had a great lesson, and he told us that he has been looking for a church, and answers. During our lesson I asked him what experiences he has that brings him to believe in Heavenly Father. He went on to tell a story. He had a brother who was 4 years older than him, and this month 3 years ago past away of a sickness. In that same month his mother was pregnant with his little sister, and when she was born she was born with the umbilical cord tied around her neck, and they almost lost her life. He went on to tell us that he knows that God lives because He saved her life and knew that his family could not take another death. Wow, what a kid! 
We have a baptism with this awesome guy named Abe, he is about 30. One of the most rewarding things was seeing him yesterday, as we looked out the window of the bus, walking home from church smiling, and Book of Mormon in hand. 
We also got word that there is an in active family that has a son that just turned 8. So we headed over to go talk to them. We came in, and it was just the wife Rosa and her 8 year old son, and one other. The other son is SEVERELY handicapped, basically not functional. He was born with water on his brain, and the doctors said he wasn't going to live. He received a priesthood blessing and now he is 2 and a half years old! It is one of the best things in the whole world to see how much love they have for that little boy!! We made an appointment to come back to talk to the husband. This past Friday we went over again, and Omar the husband was there. We talked to him about the opportunity he has to drop the habits like drinking and smoking that he has picked up, come back to church and receive the priesthood and baptize his son. With so much conviction in his eyes, he looked at us and said he wants to change and is ready. It was so strong. We decided to read a chapter of the Book of Mormon with them. During the chapter, their little boy in the arms of the mother started to shake and threw up. We didn't know if it was regular so we didn't say anything and it stopped. After about 5 minutes it started again and worse. My companion stopped the lesson, and asked if we could give him a blessing. They said please! We rushed over to him, and in one of the most incredible experiences I have had, as I called on the powers of God to give this little valiant, shaking boy a blessing, and blessing his body to be still and calm, and to literally feel him slowly stop and fall asleep in the arms of his father....... I know with out doubt that this is the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, and no one else. That as we live worthy we have to TRUE and REAL power of God to bless and sanctified His children. The priesthood is real! I know that with all my heart! Hope everyone is doing awesome!

So it started to rain a little here... these are streets, NOT rivers

 Love you all!!
Elder Lloyd

Monday, May 13, 2013

May 13, 2013

This past week we have really been blessed! We were at a member families house one day asking if they knew where a family lived. As we were leaving the Mother said. Oh yeah, and you need to teach her also! And pointed to one of the sons girlfriends who we have met before, and who just had a baby the week before. We said alright, well be over tomorrow. We got there, and I didn't know what to expect, Because every time we had been over before, she would never talk to us. We came in and started the lesson. The Baby started to cry so she went to go get him. As we taught her there with her brand new baby in her arms, there was such a sweet spirit. There had something changed in her also, She had this drive and wants to just go to church, and to be baptized and be forgiven from all her passed transgressions. It was so awesome to see the want in her eyes to be a better person, and to give her, and her little baby a new life and better life. We had a date for today to get the marriage papers between her and her boyfriend started. Then yesterday I got the call that I am being transferred. So I will find out how things went tonight. 
I am in the same zone just a different area and knew comp. I am With Elder Thompson from California now. He is a big time wrestler and good guy. I've known him since I got here. We Get even weirder looks now, two white kids in the middle of Mexico City. ha-ha But I'm looking forward to some great work with him. 
Hope everyone is doing great. 
Love Elder Lloyd

This is our Abuela (grandma) she feeds us when we are hungry, and is always giving us advice 

(who knows why she wanted to shake hands in the pics)


Monday, May 6, 2013

May 6, 2013 - We carried her in her wheelchair down every stair

Wow, what a great week! 

After the passed tough couple weeks we have been so blessed. 
We have been visiting people that are inactive, and it has been great to see so many people that have not been to church in years returning. This week we have been visiting with a family that has not been active in about 10 years or more. It is a Single mother with 2 daughters and a son. They are between 20 and 18. They Take care of their Grandma that is bound to a wheel chair and is turning 86 years this week. And like most people here is Catholic. We Invited them back to Church, And have been having great lessons. We decided to focus our lessons on their Grandma also. We had a lesson and we felt the Spirit very strong, and we decided to invite her to be Baptized. She answered me with a yes.... Her daughter looked stunned and said in the Mormon Church Mom. She responded with oh no, I've already been baptized. We explained to her the importance of why we need to be baptized just like Jesus Christ. Then she says," Well if its necessary I would like to be baptized.... What do I need to do?" We explained to her and made the date for this coming week. 
This Sunday was awesome, because as she is bound to the wheelchair, and they live in a little house but on the side of the mountain, so they have lots of stairs to leave, and no car. Well That wasn't going to stop us!! We called one of the families in our ward with a van. Went to their house in the morning. We carried her in her wheelchair down every stair. Then we went to another Elderly mans house named Pedro that hasn't been to church in years because he cant really walk. And we were off!! It was an awesome experience to see The inactive Hermana attend church, and with her mother...... Now we've just got to figure out how to baptize her. ha ha
We've been teaching a lot of great people, and this next week is looking great.
Every time we visit these inactive people, almost it is always because they have just slowly stopped doing the little things, the fundamentals. Reading their scriptures, praying, being together as a family, having faith. It is more and more apparent to me everyday how important, and how POWERFUL these little fundamentals are. "By small and simple things, great things come to pass."

Love you all so much.
Elder Lloyd