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Thursday, April 10, 2014

March 31, 2014

We had a great opportunity to go to the Center for Visitors with some new converts. It was such a great experience to see them feel such an incredible Spirit there, and have that incredible tool there to explain to them what the next step that God wants them to take is. We also went back to some families and people that we stopped teaching for awhile and they felt a difference and are looking forward to moving forward. That being said, We had an other hard week where we saw the Devil trying to break us down, and get us discouraged. But we´re all truckin along with our heads up high. I'm going to be a little short in this letter, but I found a great lesson to be learned this last week. That God will put things in our way, whether it be people, experiences, enlightenment, etc, to help us grow and become the men and women that he wants and needs us to be. But, it is our job to find them and put them into practice in our lives. A lot of times we get so caught up in the hustle and bustle, that we forget to take a step back and look at what is and has gone. How we can become better, love one another, and most importantly how we can become more like Jesús Christ and get closer to our Heavenly Father. It is so easy to let things like this go over our heads. But so amazing when we take time to catch them. Life's not a race, but a journey.
Love you all.
Elder Lloyd

March 24, 2014

This was definitely a rough but gratifying. We had the baptism of Jaky the daughter and sister of Nataly and Antoña two people we had the opportunity to baptize a couple of weeks ago. It was such an incredible journey and an incredible baptism. There was such a strong Spirit, especially when the Hermana Antoña and Nataly got up and bore their testimony, so sweet and pure!
This last week in the zone that we are part of, we opened up 2 new áreas and had some changes. We started off our week with a meeting like how we do every week. It was great, we picked at Alma 17 when the Sons of Mosiah and Alma see each other again and get back to work and convert thousands of people. We Applied it to ourselves and got really pumped, we started the change with a zone fast (that being one of the things that they did in this part of the Book of Mormón) We have seen so many miracles lately and we knew we were headed for even more!... but, so did someone else, Satan. The influences of him this last week were very apparent, in him trying to bring us down in the whole zone and trying to stop us from blessing and changing lives for the eternities.  He did not succeed there is no doubt about that. We kept pushing through and came out okay. But he did give us a run for our money with a lot of fallen appointments, many missionaries in our zone became sick, a lot of hardened hearts in contacting, and chosen people doubting the truth. But the score is on the score board, we all know who is going to win and it is our Heavenly Father. But one still has to choose through the choices he makes what team he wants to be on. Our Heavenly Father lives, and As well as he lives, so does Satan. He also knows us, and in reflecting in this last week, he too recognizes that these are the last minutes in the game, and he knows he is losing and so he will take as many of us with him as he can. He is working double time, and doesn't take breaks or have a day off.
With that being said, we have to be on top of our game, doing the best we can every day to become more and more like our Brother and Savior Jesús Christ, so that we can arrive to our Heavenly Father and be accepted into the Kingdom of the All Mighty with our families forever. We need to live like Enos after his repentance and look forward to the day we will see our Redeemer. And through that we will be happier in this life than we can imagine, it doesn't mean there will be no trails, but we will be able to get through them along side Him, with our head up.
Love you ALL
Elder Lloyd

March 17, 2014

Was a crazy week that we just came out of, but great non the less! Full of conferences and new things happening.
Two weeks ago we prepared and baptized a girl named Irene that we are helping her Mom who is inactive come back to the church. It has been a good experience, seeing her being baptized and her mom getting back into the Góspel. We got a call last Monday saying that her older sister had made the decision to get baptized as well. So we prepared her; she [Yunueth] was baptized last Saturday. She is a really Smart girl and it has been a great experience preparing her.
During the conference our President spoke a lot about the relationship between faith and obedience. We talked a lot about how it explains that we do not have a testimony of things or don't see miracles until AFTER our trail of faith. Our trial of faith here is to be obedient and to follow the rules and to have exact obedience, and only through that is the way that we will see blessings and miracles, and see what our President said that; then the heavens will open and God will rain blessings down upon us. I know it is like that in our lives. Even though it is hard and we don't understand things, we keep moving forward, and its like what Elder Richard G. Scott talks about in one of my favorite talks"trust in the Lord" When we don't know what's going on, its our way of being obedient and keep going forward telling the Lord you don't understand everything, but he does and you will be faithful is one of the greatest ways to exercise faith.
We have been SO blessed in our área here through the act of obedience. We are not perfect, but when we are giving it our best Jesús Christ and the Spirit make up the rest. And when we mess up he wants us to come back and get back on track. I love the scripture in D and C 3 verse 10, Heavenly Father is merciful and loves us more than we could ever imagine. He is our Father.
Love you all,
Elder Lloyd

Baptism of Irene