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Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24, 2013

This week was definitely different. We had some set backs and some different things come up. But it was still a great week! Just keep trucking along with everything we've got. 
This week I have been thinking a lot about the simple fundamental things. We had an experience, where we were standing out in front of a shoe store, it was raining and was dark. We were ready to go home, when a young 22 year old came around the corner, he looked really stressed out and sad. He looked at us and said Elders, I need you to preach something to me. We said okay, like what, he said the plan of salvation or something I just need it. So really quick we gave him a run through the whole lesson there in the street. He looked at us with tears in his eyes and just said thank you. We talked to him a little bit, turns out he is a member but has been inactive for a long time now. We asked him if we could set up an a appointment  to visit him another day. This past Sunday we went to his house. We got to know him a bit more. Turns out he was really active. He actually went on 2 mini missions while he was younger. But as time went on, he started to have questions and doubts, and stopped doing the things we need to do, the small and simple things, reading the Book of Mormon, praying, and attending church. We helped him understand some thing's, and helped him remember those fundamental things, then yesterday we saw him at church. We were SO happy. 

In my mission, when we go to visit inactive members, there is always a common theme. They have stopped doing the fundamental, "primary" things that we know how to do. That's where it all starts and that's what will keep us going, keep doubts from creeping in too deep into our lives, and most importantly keep us close to our Heavenly Father and on the path that will lead us back to His loving arms once again! Prayer, Scriputres, and Church, That's what its all about!! 
Love you all!! 
Elder Lloyd 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

6 Months Down!!

In celebrating Elder Lloyd's 6 month mark and 1/4 of the way through we'd like to share a touching video and song by Carli Barlow!

We love you Bennett and couldn't be prouder of your last 6 months!!

Two years by: Carli Barlow

June 17, 2013

What a great we've had this past week! 
This week was definitely an awesome one! A lot of good things happening and picking up! We were riding on the bus this week and a man came up to us and starting to speak English. We talked to him a little then come to find out that he had lived in Florida for 15 years. He told us that he loves it there but got sent back, as we got talking we found out that he loved the religions that were there, and lives and owns a laundry shop in our area, we asked him if we could come by and he said of course. We ended up going by a couple days later. We stopped by and there was he and his wife, they have the rest of the family in the US, and one of the cutest 3 year old girls I have seen. We started the lesson and it was awesome. They told us that they had the missionaries over about a year ago, and really liked it. But they had doubts about Joseph Smith. We taught the first lesson and it was great. They were super receptive and we helped them clear up their doubts. The next day when we went back, She said to us, in her broken English and tears- "I need to tell you something....... I know you guys are from God, I sat there all night thinking about what you have taught us, and you two boys all night. you reminded me of my boys who are still in the States right now." It was one of the most touching things ever, one of those moments you just sit back and know, this is why I'm here, for incredible families like this. I cant wait to keep moving forward with this great family. 
We had such an incredible opportunity to baptize one of my favorite guys ever, Alejandro. 
This week we had such a big testimony builder on faith and prayer. As we were wrapping up our last lesson with him before his baptism, We decided to run through the interview questions just so we felt he was prepared. It came out and he told us he doesn't know if Joseph Smith is a Prophet, or the Book of Mormon is the word of God. We decided to kneel down and ask Heavenly Father right there. We knelt down and he offered a great simple prayer, and we were praying SO hard in our hearts he would receive an answer. After we sat and looked at each other in silence. Then asked him how he felt. He responded with, "the same." Even though he didn't get his answer right there, we knew he would. We told him that and to keep praying, and promised him he would get an answer before his interview the next day. We met up with him at the chapel, he came in and had his interview with our zone leader (Who we had told before hand he had some doubts with the Book of Mormon). After he came out and had the great news he was getting baptized. Alejandro left and our zone leader looked at us and said, "I've got something cool to tell you. I don't know why he wanted me to tell you this after he left, but after you guys left yesterday afternoon he told me he kept praying, he was just pleading with Heavenly Father to tell me if its true. He said he left his house, and when he walked outside, he just focused on the girl in the street talking, and he doesn't know why. He started listening to what she was saying, and she was testifying of Joseph Smith being a prophet and the Book of Mormon is true. He said right then he knew it was true and he knew it was his answer." I could not have been more happy to hear that awesome story.
It is such a testament to how with true and honest prayer, anything is possible. Anything that we need, whether it be the answer to a question, strengthening where we are weak, or a new job. Our Loving Father is ALWAYS there to provide us with that of what we need. All we need to do is pray with what Moroni teaches;  a sincere heart, true intention and faith in Jesus Christ. He is there and he is listening and through prayer we can feel His love and comfort for us. 
Love you all! Thank you for all you love, support, and prayers.
Elder Lloyd

Friday, June 14, 2013

Mexico City Temple - June 10, 2013

A great week to see our hard work pay off! First of this week we got an amazing opportunity to go to the Temple this week with our ward mission leader, and some of the new converts from the ward. It was such an incredible experience being able to see them do baptisms for the dead. So Awesome.

We found a man named Bernito that has been progressing great. He is a man that sells goodies in the street. It is a little bit hard, because he is a little slow of learning, so that, with a little bit of language barrier can be hard at times. But as long as we have the Holy Ghost to testify. All is totally fine. 
We have been teaching a man named Alejandro since I have been here. My companion and his old companion found him by a soccer field drunk, and he wanted to talk about the bible. He is one of my favorite guys to teach. He has been progressing really well reading, attending church and everything. But he keeps telling us he doesn't want to get baptized because he doesn't like church... Yeah we didn't know what to say about that or what to do. We had been brain storming finding out what he needs and how we can help him make this amazing step in life. One day we just decided to talk about baptism and the importance. We came up over and sat down, had our prayer and started in. We started off by saying, now Alejandro we have the goal to work toward of this Saturday, but you aren't sure about it and you don't think you are going to  follow through. Before we finished he looks at us and says. I'm ready, and I want to be baptized. My comp and I look at each other and know, this was a gift from Heavenly Father! We asked him what had changed his mind. He told us that he had been thinking, and it came clear to him that he needs a change, a new start. That drinking is not living, it is nothing. He has a 17 year old son that is starting down the wrong path, and he knows that he needs to be an example for him. The Spirit was so strong as he told us this things. I know that the way that he got to this point was through the Spirit testifying to him. All we had to do is show him like what D & C talks about, and showing him love unfeigned. As cheesy as it sounds, With love anything is possible, even when it comes to literally changing lives. Through us being a window to Christ pure love, and seeing people as He does. We can simply change someone's day or week, and literally make miracles in our own and the lives of others. I think it was The Beatles who said it best. All we need is love! haha Love like Christ and everything works out.
I love you all hope everything is well. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June 3, 2013

This week was another week that we are going to have to pick our selves off the floor and hit it hard again. But hey! That's what its all about, gotta love it!! 
We have found some really great people this week. We are going to be teaching a guy that lives right next to us by the name of Cina. We always see him around, and he knows a little bit of English, so he loves talking to us. He is a long haired, hard looking taxi driver, that loves to drink. Last night as we were walking home, we found him drunk in the street, and we started to talk. After a little chat we asked him, Cina, are you happy living this life? Very quickly he answered back. No way! I want to change! This life is terrible, you think I like living like this? Its just hard every time I need him, God isn't there, I cant find him, so I turn to this stuff. As we talked, we asked him, Cina if you really want to change and find your Father in Heaven, we are here, and that is WHY we are here. He looked at us in the eye and said yes. I am so excited to meet with him tomorrow
Another cool experience we had this week, We were walking home from a hard day where we had some awesome lessons with some great people. Then how the work is some times everything fell through. So as we were walking down a hill the drunks were yelling at us to come talk to them like always, so we thought, hey, why not lighten up the mood a little. As we were listening to them and all the crazy funny stuff they were saying, a lady of about 50 years old, who we have seen around that area passed us looking distraught. Then looks back at us and says, brothers please help, my husband is drunk and is going to hit my daughter. My companion and I looked each other and headed up the hill with her. We walked up to the house sure enough to find a very drunk man in the door way, and about a 26 year old girl with another man crying. As the man was yelling we head over to him and talked him down. As we were doing so the daughter and other man left. I look over again to see the women, standing alone. I headed over to talk to her, as I was talking to her and asking her if she was okay, she just broke down. It was so sad to hear her just crying to us, telling us how she has been living like this for 30 some years, and how her daughter is now in the same situation, and she attributes it all to her. She told us she feels because of it Heavenly Father isn't there to listen to her. As sad as it was, it was so comforting to be able to tell her, with all our heart, and soul that Heavenly Father IS there, and she can change. And that is why we are here, to help her change, and to feel our Heavenly Fathers love, and help grow her relationship with him. I know that with all my soul it is never too late to change those things that we need to, that Heavenly Father is there and is waiting and wanting to help us change. And through the incredible sacrifice of Jesus Christ we can change and be completely forgiven. Living each day is a processes of becoming a better person through the blood he shed. He knows how we feel and how to help us! 
Everday a better person! 
Love you all 
Elder Lloyd