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Friday, June 14, 2013

Mexico City Temple - June 10, 2013

A great week to see our hard work pay off! First of this week we got an amazing opportunity to go to the Temple this week with our ward mission leader, and some of the new converts from the ward. It was such an incredible experience being able to see them do baptisms for the dead. So Awesome.

We found a man named Bernito that has been progressing great. He is a man that sells goodies in the street. It is a little bit hard, because he is a little slow of learning, so that, with a little bit of language barrier can be hard at times. But as long as we have the Holy Ghost to testify. All is totally fine. 
We have been teaching a man named Alejandro since I have been here. My companion and his old companion found him by a soccer field drunk, and he wanted to talk about the bible. He is one of my favorite guys to teach. He has been progressing really well reading, attending church and everything. But he keeps telling us he doesn't want to get baptized because he doesn't like church... Yeah we didn't know what to say about that or what to do. We had been brain storming finding out what he needs and how we can help him make this amazing step in life. One day we just decided to talk about baptism and the importance. We came up over and sat down, had our prayer and started in. We started off by saying, now Alejandro we have the goal to work toward of this Saturday, but you aren't sure about it and you don't think you are going to  follow through. Before we finished he looks at us and says. I'm ready, and I want to be baptized. My comp and I look at each other and know, this was a gift from Heavenly Father! We asked him what had changed his mind. He told us that he had been thinking, and it came clear to him that he needs a change, a new start. That drinking is not living, it is nothing. He has a 17 year old son that is starting down the wrong path, and he knows that he needs to be an example for him. The Spirit was so strong as he told us this things. I know that the way that he got to this point was through the Spirit testifying to him. All we had to do is show him like what D & C talks about, and showing him love unfeigned. As cheesy as it sounds, With love anything is possible, even when it comes to literally changing lives. Through us being a window to Christ pure love, and seeing people as He does. We can simply change someone's day or week, and literally make miracles in our own and the lives of others. I think it was The Beatles who said it best. All we need is love! haha Love like Christ and everything works out.
I love you all hope everything is well. 

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