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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 29, 2012

This week was another one, but definitely a lot of let difficulties. We are still optimistic and are working towards some high goals that we have for this next month of May.
This week we had a really cool experience where someone that is ready for the Gospel got put right into our hands. We went to a members house first thing in the morning one morning. We got there waked in, sat down, she offered us a glass of water and we sort of just talked. I didn't really know why we went in the first place, and as we talked about not a whole lot. I couldn't help but to question why in the world we were there. We got done, and were standing in the living room saying good by. When her (the member´s) son who is preparing to serve a mission, and his girlfriend walks in. We say hello, then look at the Hermana and ask, "Is your sons girlfriend a member?" She responds that no she isn't. My comp. and I look at each other, smile, and turn right back around and ask, "You have a minute we can talk for a little bit?" They tell us yes but not long. As we got to talking, and getting to know her, we found out; like most people here, that she comes from a Catholic background. It was so awesome to hear all the different unanswered questions that she has about life and different things. That we are here for, and through the Gospel are able to answer. like "How do we know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live? Where do we go after this life?" Questions like that, that starting tomorrow we will be able to help her receive answers and Spiritual  Revelation through the Spirit and this Gospel. 
I hope everyone is doing awesome!! Love you all!! 
Elder Lloyd

Monday, April 22, 2013

April 22, 2013

This week was another one of those that everything was going SO well then a lot fell through at the end. We are still optimistic and pumped for this next week because 2 of our Investigators just went out of town, and two of the younger kids need to get permission form their dads who are separated from the moms!
 So I cant wait. 
Our investigator Ivon the 14 year old is progressing awesome! And is reading the book of Mormon a ton. SO cool to see! Lately I have been studying faith, and learning so much. What I have been finding a lot, is the STRONG relationship between, faith, and acting. When we teach the principle of faith we always teach that faith is 1st faith is believing and then 2nd acting on what you know. 

I know that everything thing is going to work out for this next week, and I know that if we keep acting on it and doing what we know. We will be blessed. 
Love you all
Elder Lloyd
1 pig snout taco and a Coke Por Favor

We got a pet this week!
This bull is 150% real LIVE Bull

Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15, 2013

This last week has been so great. With a lot of the things that have happened the week before, and a little bit into the next week, we just kept trucking along, and have been SO blessed for it. 
We have been put into the paths, or people have been put into ours that are SO ready, and they are hungry for the truth in their lives. For example a girl who is 14, and the cousin of one of our members, Ivan. She is very mature for her age, and is a great girl. We taught her and another reference at the members house. The Spirit was so very strong, and after I gave the baptismal invitation to her, she sat there... thought for a little, and then said, I want to get baptized in the Gospel, and I feel God in my life everyday, and I know that he wants this too...... Yeah.... Me and my comp just about feel out of our seats! What an amazing spirited little girl and how ready! 
The other person that was there was named Louda, she is from France.... Yeah what? Shout out to my boy Elder Tyler Johnson!!! haha I think she is the only white person in our whole mission that isn't a missionary, and from France and I get to teach her! It is way cool to here her speak Spanish but to hear her French accent at the same time! 
Another family that was put into our paths this week, we were at the house of a member, and had asked them for a reference. They told us of a family that lives just two doors down, that is a single member but not active Mom with two teenaged kids. We went right over to get to know them. We sat and talked and come to find out that it is true, the mother was baptized along time ago but hasn't been active for years. She has a 14 year old daughter Gloria, and a 13 year old son Emanuel. As we were talking to the Mom. she asked us, remember when I said hi elders in the street about a week ago, and you stopped me and asked me if I was a member, then I told you that I am but inactive, so you gave me your number and told me to call you? Right then it clicked, and I remembered. We have been teaching her kids, with her there, Gloria is another really sharp 14 year old. It turns out that she went to church with her Dad in November, and then has been talking to her Aunt who is a member about the church. We have been having great lessons with her and her brother, then last Saturday set a baptism date for them for this coming Sunday. In one of the lessons we were talking about the Holy Ghost, and the Mother Claudia shared an experience about how incredible she felt when she went to the Temple years ago. I reassured her she can have that feeling, with her, and in her home, if she just starts going back to Church and doing the things she knows are right. 
I know that these people need the Gospel right now, and were put into our hands because we stayed diligent and kept working hard. Because that is what life is about. What are we going to do in our trials??
Love you ALL

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 8, 2013 - Best friend named Pepto Bismal

Hope that conference blew everyone else's minds just like it did mine! Ha! What an incredible opportunity we have to listen to REAL Prophets and Apostles of God!!! SO amazing! They truly are men of God!!    I watched the priesthood session in Spanish, and I understand most of it. Carlos who we baptized last week, and have been talking a lot about the Priesthood, and Temples. and he is loving it, and so am I!! Well half way through the session we ran and grabbed him after he got of work to come to the session. Even though I couldn't understand everything, just looking over at Carlos's face. And seeing him loving it, and so interested made me feel the Spirit so strong!! There was nothing better than that. What an experience! 
  This week I made a new best friend named Pepto Bismal. But I'm fine now. This week has been a big testimony builder on the fact that everything is on the Lords time, and He has set out a time for everyone to have the Gospel in there life's and to accept it. We have been teaching a lot of great  people, that have been loving it, but aren't keeping the covenants they need to to be baptized. Which can be hard at times. We were looking forward to a great week, and had set our goals pretty high because of it. But had some things fall through. Which can be frustrating at times.
 We have been teaching a little girl and her Mom in their little store that they own, and sell cleaning supplies. They have been progressing well, and we had planned on baptizing the little girl this past Saturday, all we needed was the permission of her Father. We got to the store and asked her Mom if she had asked her Dad, and was ready. Sadly she hadn't.... In moments like these it is hard not to question our self, and ask... what more could I have done, what am I doing wrong.. why?.. But its not about that or those questions, its all about, did I give it my all?  One Huge thing that I learned from an INCREDIBLE talk by Brad Wilcox called His Grace is Sufficient, which I highly recommend listening to or reading. Heavenly Father is always pleased with our efforts... and in this instant it just happened to be that this last week wasn't the time in these peoples life. Heavenly Father has a plan for everyone. 
As I continue to see crazy things here, like the pizza guy jumping the speed bumps up this hill, and continue to meet more and more incredible people. Im so thankful to Heavenly Father for the chance to be here! Serving in his army! 
I LOVE you all and hope all is well! 

Elder Lloyd

Carlos and I right before his baptism

Nacho Libre style 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

His Address

We have just received Elder Lloyds address:

Elder Scott Bennett Lloyd
Jose Luis Escobar Maya
Apartado Postal 118-184
Gustavo A. Madero, Mexico D.F.
CP 07051

I know we would love to hear from you! Thanks for all your love and support! 

Monday, April 1, 2013

April 1, 2013

Another crazy week in the Concrete jungle!! 

This week I was able to Baptize an awesome guy named Carlos. Wow is he crazy, and talks so fast a lot of times I walk out of his house with only a forth of what just happened. But he has such a great heart, and I love him. He is a father of  a 14 year boy and 12 year old daughter, and married to a great, very Catholic wife. But we are hoping, that as they all see the example, and the great changes in their father they will follow along. We had a combined baptism with our whole zone and it was awesome! So many incredible people making their first covenant with their Father in Heaven!.. But as 8 o'clock roles around, and all of the beginning talks are over and everyone heads to the fount. Only one problem..... no Carlos. We are calling him like crazy and he keeps saying their on their way. After the last person is going into the water they pull up. We run him into the bathroom, get him changed, take a picture, and head him into the water. When it was all said and done there was an incredible Spirit there, and he was so happy! 
This week has been a great week for finding people that the Lord has prepared for us, and there is no way of denying that it is anything less! I really like contacting and talking to people on the street. But do to circumstances of where I am serving we cant, which sort of stinks. But this past Saturday as my comp. and I stood to cross the road... Or what I like to call, playing real life frogger.... I was tapped on the shoulder, and turned around to find a couple in about their late 30´s. They asked us about the school here that is run by The Church, and provides great additions for the Highschool aged kids here, and they want their daughter to go there. Its now being converted into the new MTC here. So we gave them the low down on that. As we got talking, the wife said that they have two teen daughters, who lately have been asking questions that she said she cant answer. Like, Where do we come from, Why do we worship the Virgins. Questions like that....... Wow! Talk about a missionaries dream!! We set up an appointment for the coming Wednesday, to talk to them, and I'm really excited! 
This week I had a great testimony builder on how the Holy Ghost can do anything, if we just listen to the prompting's, and let Him do his job... We have been trying the past couple of weeks to get in contact with this women, and have not been able to. finally last Wednesday we got invited in. We sat down with her and just got to talking, and noticed her two daughters were cleaning in the next room. They are both in their early 20´s. We asked her to invite them in for the message. She said that she doesn't think they would want to but shell try. They came in and sat down, with not the best of attitudes. We started with a prayer, and then asked them how they feel about our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. In not wanting to be there they just responded with I don't know. Passing from the other room one of her sons, also about 25 heard the Question and shouted out a good response. So! we invited him to join us also! As we were talking the son mad it very clear, that he has Jesus in his heart and doesn't need church or anything like that, And his sisters agreed. Well went along with the lesson, and the Spirit present himself SO strong as we began to testify in the half way through the lesson. As we asked questions that were directed by The Spirit, and really got them all thinking. I could see, right before my eyes, all of there hearts being softened, and the revelation they were receiving of the truthfulness of This Gospel. They all expected to be baptized and are now really receptive. The Spirit is not part of our teaching, He IS our teaching. As we live worthy of His guidance, He will NEVER lead us astray. 
Hope everyone is doing great!
 LOVE you all. 
Elder Lloyd
"Always Prayin, Satan Slayin"