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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 29, 2012

This week was another one, but definitely a lot of let difficulties. We are still optimistic and are working towards some high goals that we have for this next month of May.
This week we had a really cool experience where someone that is ready for the Gospel got put right into our hands. We went to a members house first thing in the morning one morning. We got there waked in, sat down, she offered us a glass of water and we sort of just talked. I didn't really know why we went in the first place, and as we talked about not a whole lot. I couldn't help but to question why in the world we were there. We got done, and were standing in the living room saying good by. When her (the member´s) son who is preparing to serve a mission, and his girlfriend walks in. We say hello, then look at the Hermana and ask, "Is your sons girlfriend a member?" She responds that no she isn't. My comp. and I look at each other, smile, and turn right back around and ask, "You have a minute we can talk for a little bit?" They tell us yes but not long. As we got to talking, and getting to know her, we found out; like most people here, that she comes from a Catholic background. It was so awesome to hear all the different unanswered questions that she has about life and different things. That we are here for, and through the Gospel are able to answer. like "How do we know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live? Where do we go after this life?" Questions like that, that starting tomorrow we will be able to help her receive answers and Spiritual  Revelation through the Spirit and this Gospel. 
I hope everyone is doing awesome!! Love you all!! 
Elder Lloyd

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