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Monday, April 22, 2013

April 22, 2013

This week was another one of those that everything was going SO well then a lot fell through at the end. We are still optimistic and pumped for this next week because 2 of our Investigators just went out of town, and two of the younger kids need to get permission form their dads who are separated from the moms!
 So I cant wait. 
Our investigator Ivon the 14 year old is progressing awesome! And is reading the book of Mormon a ton. SO cool to see! Lately I have been studying faith, and learning so much. What I have been finding a lot, is the STRONG relationship between, faith, and acting. When we teach the principle of faith we always teach that faith is 1st faith is believing and then 2nd acting on what you know. 

I know that everything thing is going to work out for this next week, and I know that if we keep acting on it and doing what we know. We will be blessed. 
Love you all
Elder Lloyd
1 pig snout taco and a Coke Por Favor

We got a pet this week!
This bull is 150% real LIVE Bull

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