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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 3, 2014

This week has been a week of great miracles and seeing hard work pay off. In the misión we have been talking and learning about something that is "La ley de la cosecha", or the law of the harvest. It is about how if we are obedient and we are working hard the blessings WILL come like it says in D and C 82:10, the Lord is obligated when we do what is right. For example in the misión we might not be seeing results or they might not be coming in the way that we want them. But a lot of times the missionaries come and reap what we have done before and the people are so blessed.
We have had the opportunity to contact at a mínimum of 20 people in the Street. We made sure that we would not miss one day in doing this, well we went three and a half weeks and hadn't missed one day, and we did see blessings but like I said we were not seeing with spiritual eyes and weren't seeing as much success as we would like, and had a lot of rude people. Then this past week to be honest, we felt like we were asking where Ashton Kutcher was because we thought we were being Punked. (Editors note: A show where people are set up in fake situations & caught on camera).Almost everyone we contacted was so nice, even if they didn't want anything. We set lots of lessons and along with our prayers we were so guided in our contacting.
Then something amazing happened. It was a miracle from the start, We were walking down the Street, and we Heard ELDERES ELDERES STOP, so we turned around and a lady was walking fast behind us and caught up and said. Look Elderes, I used to be from this Ward awhile ago, but my son and his wife just moved in and has three assistance(church attendance) in the chapel and only needs one more and 2 more lessons from you guys, he is super excited and so am I. She gave us his address and everything. From then on, about three weeks we have been trying to get into contact with this guy and could not find him for anything.
 The last Saturday night a cita fell through but we had another one to go to. We sat there and thought, and had a feeling we should head down the other Street to contact. We were walking and all of the sudden a taxi pulled up and the lady pops out and says "Elders! how great that you are here lets go!" not even realizing that we were outside of that guys apartment complex. We are Wow! found out fast why we got lead down this Street. We walked in and we clicked with him right off the bat. We got to know him and talk to him for a short while, we asked about the other Elders and what he learned and what called his attention, he started to talk and said,
 Well I felt really good with A name I cant remember an Elder Dastoop.... 
I completely cut him off and said, What did you just say???
 He said Elder Dastoop, and I asked, Elder Dastrup?? 
And I said it in an English accent.
 And He said yeah! He reminds me of you....
 I almost started to cry as I realized that this new investigator of ours has been prepared and taught by one of my best friends and basically my brother whose is in the North Misión - the one that my zone/mission boarders, and to find that he has baptized his daughters. 
I know that the Lord has guided our every step to find this man and his wife, and I am writing this with tears in my eyes being able to have this incredible blessing that Heavenly Father has given me, to finish what Kaylor Dastrup has started. I know that NO matter what, when we are obedient the blessings DO come, there is no doubt in my mind. I know that the church is true, and that keeping the commandments is the way to see blessings, even miracles in our lives. And find true happiness, the Gospel is UNBELIEVABLE!!

I love you all!
Elder Lloyd 

Feb 24, 2014

Once again I don't have to much time to write, I will definitely be setting
time apart in this week that comes. But I just want to testify once more of
the Holy Ghost and how incredible it is and not only that how real it is.
This last week we baptized a mother (Antonia) and one of her daughters
(Nataly-16) We met them in the road. To teach them it is the most amazing thing, talk
about golden investigators! She has another daughter Yaky that is 18 and is
a little more rebel, and wanted NOTHING to do with us. But through the
Spirit and love she is SO stoked to be baptised and loves the Gospel. But
we had the baptism on Saturday and their interviews on friday, On friday
Nataly who loves Eveything about the church and is already planning on
going on a mission diecided that she was not ready to do it. So we had her
do the interview to see how she would feel after, after she felt great but
still wasnt sure. We told her we would be back on saturday in the morning
to talk. We prepared a little lesson and that night and morning went
through alot of prayer. We got there and asked her, what do you feel, she
said no, we went ahead with the lesson, and at the end of testifying that
Satan makes us feel we are not ready and we have to exercise our faith to
recieve the testimony. The spirit was SO strong, she slowly covers her face
and looks down. We asked her Naty how do you feel, you think you can do it?
She looked up with tears flowing down her face and yes, I know I need to,
there is no doubt in my mind. We had a great spirit filled baptism. I know
Without a doubt that that was the Spirit, that we as 2, 20 year old kids
could not do such a thing. We are just a mouthpiece for Him. I love you all
and hope everything is great!!
Love Elder Lloyd

Feb 17, 2014

These last days and weeks have been super crazy, With lots of crazy work, but I love it SO much. Lately we have been really swamped with things to the point that I have been reflecting on one thing. That God magnifies those he calls. There is a short audio clip about this that one of my good friends sent me in December from President Erying. This week we have been really busy like I said, but we are accomplishing what we have to do, and more. It is amazing to see how Heavenly Father sends the Holy Ghost to touch the hearts of the people we teach, and give us strength to complete the sometimes great tasks we have at hand. I know that this is a true principle in every aspect in the Church of the Savior, in every calling. We just have to give everything we have, and do our best. And, then follow the counsel of President Erying and sit back and watch with Spiritual eyes as we watch the Hand of the Lord at work magnifying what we do. I know that This is how he works and that he loves us, If we give him our all and are worthy of the Spirit, we will be tools in his hands to change lives and see miracles. Wether it be as a primary teacher to a stake president, the Lord magnifies those he calls. The war is REAL, we are fighting the fight against the forces of the dark. And our Father in Heaven and Brother Jesus Christ will come out on top. We just have to figure out whose side we are on. 
Love you all so much and thank you for all your prayers and support.
Elder Lloyd 

Feb 3, 2014

This week was a great week, crazy like always, but great like always. We have been working a lot on the house that burned down, and I am happy to say that it is almost done!! What a ride it has been with the house and the family. 
Last week we had the chance to go to the visitors center again with the Hermana Maria before her baptism. As well she brought her daughter that we have started teaching, with her little kids, and the nephews of Maria as well. It was definitely a blessing to be able to go with them and feel the Spirit Super strong and teach them about my favorite things; about the Gospel, Families, and Temples, etc.
We started teaching her daughter not too long ago. We had seen her alot in the house, but she never wanted anything to do with us. Then one day we sat down, she came into the room and sat down as well and said, "okay I am convinced, I have seen what is going on with my mom, and how happy she is and how much she has changed. I want to talk with you guys."  To me this is an awesome example of how we need to be an example. One of the biggest worries for the Hermana Maria was her family and her kids, and just by what she has done and the example she is, her family is following, and not only the we know. Last night we received a text from her Sister that lives about 6 hours away in another state, thanking us for what we have done for her and telling us that from the things she has seen from her she has contacted the missionaries there and will be receiving them with her family. She also told us something that her sister never did and it hit me very hard. That not to long ago Maria was diagnosed with a tumor in her brain, and she has been fighting it ever since. I was transfered today to another area, but last night I was really thinking about how much we never know who we are impacting and in what way, and who knows, we might be the last person that God has put in that persons life to be their example. We need to be trying to live what we know every day in the best way we know how. 
Love you all! 
Elder Lloyd 

Jan 20, 2014

This week was a great one. To be honest we basically were just working 12 days translating for the Lions club, in other words, physically tiring no. Mentally draining? Incredibley!! haha
This week we saw something of a great miracle! The Hermana that we have been teaching and has been progressing, but her family has been terrible to her. Lately we have been recieving texts from an unknown number, very rude ones, calling her stupid, calling us liarers, and telling us to leave her alone. Then she starting reciveing them as well. Even though we wanted to fire back and give them the what for -we said nothing. This morning we recived a text; still not knowing from who, apologizing, and saying we have won them and their trust, and that they dont know what powers we have but they have never seen changes in a person like they have with the investigator Maria.
I know that the Lord Blesses those who stay faithful and push until the end. Thats what Its all about!! God Lives and Blesses, DONT GIVE UP!!
Love Elder Lloyd

Jan 13, 2014

This week we got the awesome opportunity to work with a service called the Lions Club. They are non- profit organization that helps people all over the whole world. What we are doing is; they came down here to give out free glasses and exams and then they give the people free glasses. They don't speak English and so two Zones of us missionaries are their translators. It is awesome, they give out thousands of glasses daily, to people that don't have the money to buy them. The people are SO thankful, its a huge blessing to be able to be a part of it. 
We have been seeing lots of daily miracles. This Mexican New Years, a couple of investigators invited us to go to their house to have dinner, because here on holidays its pretty dangerous- so we have to be in at 7, but on their New Years and Christmas our President said that we could have a dinner appointment and stay out until 9. So we went there and usually there is a lot of family over, but it was only a Hermana. The days before they had had some REALLY rough family problems. Long story short- her grandchildren are the world to her, like EVERYTHING. And due to the problems her son in law was going to take them and move, and her daughter as well, so she was in pieces and told us she had thoughts of just ending it all the night before. But she made goals and was basically promising God in front of us that she is going to do them to become a better person. And stop smoking, not be rude, go to church every Saturday and more. Even though her family is telling her that its not possible that she changes and since she has been talking to us she has had more problems so that means its wrong. We testified to her how she will be blessed very soon for what she is doing. Just as we got done testifying we saw something in the corner of our eyes.... we turned to see her daughter standing there with her two children, she ran over to them all giving them a huge hug, then looking at us with tears running down her face and saying now there is NO question- I am completing what I said. It was one of those very tender mercies. She has been in church every Sunday and has not smoked since that day.
It is so incredible to see so many miracles on a daily basis, and like it says in Mormon 9, miracles like in the days of Jesus Christ still happen. It is just up to our faith, and diligence. 
Love you all- 
Elder Lloyd