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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Jan 13, 2014

This week we got the awesome opportunity to work with a service called the Lions Club. They are non- profit organization that helps people all over the whole world. What we are doing is; they came down here to give out free glasses and exams and then they give the people free glasses. They don't speak English and so two Zones of us missionaries are their translators. It is awesome, they give out thousands of glasses daily, to people that don't have the money to buy them. The people are SO thankful, its a huge blessing to be able to be a part of it. 
We have been seeing lots of daily miracles. This Mexican New Years, a couple of investigators invited us to go to their house to have dinner, because here on holidays its pretty dangerous- so we have to be in at 7, but on their New Years and Christmas our President said that we could have a dinner appointment and stay out until 9. So we went there and usually there is a lot of family over, but it was only a Hermana. The days before they had had some REALLY rough family problems. Long story short- her grandchildren are the world to her, like EVERYTHING. And due to the problems her son in law was going to take them and move, and her daughter as well, so she was in pieces and told us she had thoughts of just ending it all the night before. But she made goals and was basically promising God in front of us that she is going to do them to become a better person. And stop smoking, not be rude, go to church every Saturday and more. Even though her family is telling her that its not possible that she changes and since she has been talking to us she has had more problems so that means its wrong. We testified to her how she will be blessed very soon for what she is doing. Just as we got done testifying we saw something in the corner of our eyes.... we turned to see her daughter standing there with her two children, she ran over to them all giving them a huge hug, then looking at us with tears running down her face and saying now there is NO question- I am completing what I said. It was one of those very tender mercies. She has been in church every Sunday and has not smoked since that day.
It is so incredible to see so many miracles on a daily basis, and like it says in Mormon 9, miracles like in the days of Jesus Christ still happen. It is just up to our faith, and diligence. 
Love you all- 
Elder Lloyd 

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