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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Jan 20, 2014

This week was a great one. To be honest we basically were just working 12 days translating for the Lions club, in other words, physically tiring no. Mentally draining? Incredibley!! haha
This week we saw something of a great miracle! The Hermana that we have been teaching and has been progressing, but her family has been terrible to her. Lately we have been recieving texts from an unknown number, very rude ones, calling her stupid, calling us liarers, and telling us to leave her alone. Then she starting reciveing them as well. Even though we wanted to fire back and give them the what for -we said nothing. This morning we recived a text; still not knowing from who, apologizing, and saying we have won them and their trust, and that they dont know what powers we have but they have never seen changes in a person like they have with the investigator Maria.
I know that the Lord Blesses those who stay faithful and push until the end. Thats what Its all about!! God Lives and Blesses, DONT GIVE UP!!
Love Elder Lloyd

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