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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 3, 2014

This week has been a week of great miracles and seeing hard work pay off. In the misión we have been talking and learning about something that is "La ley de la cosecha", or the law of the harvest. It is about how if we are obedient and we are working hard the blessings WILL come like it says in D and C 82:10, the Lord is obligated when we do what is right. For example in the misión we might not be seeing results or they might not be coming in the way that we want them. But a lot of times the missionaries come and reap what we have done before and the people are so blessed.
We have had the opportunity to contact at a mínimum of 20 people in the Street. We made sure that we would not miss one day in doing this, well we went three and a half weeks and hadn't missed one day, and we did see blessings but like I said we were not seeing with spiritual eyes and weren't seeing as much success as we would like, and had a lot of rude people. Then this past week to be honest, we felt like we were asking where Ashton Kutcher was because we thought we were being Punked. (Editors note: A show where people are set up in fake situations & caught on camera).Almost everyone we contacted was so nice, even if they didn't want anything. We set lots of lessons and along with our prayers we were so guided in our contacting.
Then something amazing happened. It was a miracle from the start, We were walking down the Street, and we Heard ELDERES ELDERES STOP, so we turned around and a lady was walking fast behind us and caught up and said. Look Elderes, I used to be from this Ward awhile ago, but my son and his wife just moved in and has three assistance(church attendance) in the chapel and only needs one more and 2 more lessons from you guys, he is super excited and so am I. She gave us his address and everything. From then on, about three weeks we have been trying to get into contact with this guy and could not find him for anything.
 The last Saturday night a cita fell through but we had another one to go to. We sat there and thought, and had a feeling we should head down the other Street to contact. We were walking and all of the sudden a taxi pulled up and the lady pops out and says "Elders! how great that you are here lets go!" not even realizing that we were outside of that guys apartment complex. We are Wow! found out fast why we got lead down this Street. We walked in and we clicked with him right off the bat. We got to know him and talk to him for a short while, we asked about the other Elders and what he learned and what called his attention, he started to talk and said,
 Well I felt really good with A name I cant remember an Elder Dastoop.... 
I completely cut him off and said, What did you just say???
 He said Elder Dastoop, and I asked, Elder Dastrup?? 
And I said it in an English accent.
 And He said yeah! He reminds me of you....
 I almost started to cry as I realized that this new investigator of ours has been prepared and taught by one of my best friends and basically my brother whose is in the North Misión - the one that my zone/mission boarders, and to find that he has baptized his daughters. 
I know that the Lord has guided our every step to find this man and his wife, and I am writing this with tears in my eyes being able to have this incredible blessing that Heavenly Father has given me, to finish what Kaylor Dastrup has started. I know that NO matter what, when we are obedient the blessings DO come, there is no doubt in my mind. I know that the church is true, and that keeping the commandments is the way to see blessings, even miracles in our lives. And find true happiness, the Gospel is UNBELIEVABLE!!

I love you all!
Elder Lloyd 

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