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Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15, 2013

This last week has been so great. With a lot of the things that have happened the week before, and a little bit into the next week, we just kept trucking along, and have been SO blessed for it. 
We have been put into the paths, or people have been put into ours that are SO ready, and they are hungry for the truth in their lives. For example a girl who is 14, and the cousin of one of our members, Ivan. She is very mature for her age, and is a great girl. We taught her and another reference at the members house. The Spirit was so very strong, and after I gave the baptismal invitation to her, she sat there... thought for a little, and then said, I want to get baptized in the Gospel, and I feel God in my life everyday, and I know that he wants this too...... Yeah.... Me and my comp just about feel out of our seats! What an amazing spirited little girl and how ready! 
The other person that was there was named Louda, she is from France.... Yeah what? Shout out to my boy Elder Tyler Johnson!!! haha I think she is the only white person in our whole mission that isn't a missionary, and from France and I get to teach her! It is way cool to here her speak Spanish but to hear her French accent at the same time! 
Another family that was put into our paths this week, we were at the house of a member, and had asked them for a reference. They told us of a family that lives just two doors down, that is a single member but not active Mom with two teenaged kids. We went right over to get to know them. We sat and talked and come to find out that it is true, the mother was baptized along time ago but hasn't been active for years. She has a 14 year old daughter Gloria, and a 13 year old son Emanuel. As we were talking to the Mom. she asked us, remember when I said hi elders in the street about a week ago, and you stopped me and asked me if I was a member, then I told you that I am but inactive, so you gave me your number and told me to call you? Right then it clicked, and I remembered. We have been teaching her kids, with her there, Gloria is another really sharp 14 year old. It turns out that she went to church with her Dad in November, and then has been talking to her Aunt who is a member about the church. We have been having great lessons with her and her brother, then last Saturday set a baptism date for them for this coming Sunday. In one of the lessons we were talking about the Holy Ghost, and the Mother Claudia shared an experience about how incredible she felt when she went to the Temple years ago. I reassured her she can have that feeling, with her, and in her home, if she just starts going back to Church and doing the things she knows are right. 
I know that these people need the Gospel right now, and were put into our hands because we stayed diligent and kept working hard. Because that is what life is about. What are we going to do in our trials??
Love you ALL

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