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Monday, May 13, 2013

May 13, 2013

This past week we have really been blessed! We were at a member families house one day asking if they knew where a family lived. As we were leaving the Mother said. Oh yeah, and you need to teach her also! And pointed to one of the sons girlfriends who we have met before, and who just had a baby the week before. We said alright, well be over tomorrow. We got there, and I didn't know what to expect, Because every time we had been over before, she would never talk to us. We came in and started the lesson. The Baby started to cry so she went to go get him. As we taught her there with her brand new baby in her arms, there was such a sweet spirit. There had something changed in her also, She had this drive and wants to just go to church, and to be baptized and be forgiven from all her passed transgressions. It was so awesome to see the want in her eyes to be a better person, and to give her, and her little baby a new life and better life. We had a date for today to get the marriage papers between her and her boyfriend started. Then yesterday I got the call that I am being transferred. So I will find out how things went tonight. 
I am in the same zone just a different area and knew comp. I am With Elder Thompson from California now. He is a big time wrestler and good guy. I've known him since I got here. We Get even weirder looks now, two white kids in the middle of Mexico City. ha-ha But I'm looking forward to some great work with him. 
Hope everyone is doing great. 
Love Elder Lloyd

This is our Abuela (grandma) she feeds us when we are hungry, and is always giving us advice 

(who knows why she wanted to shake hands in the pics)


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