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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

September 23, 2013

This week was a really crazy one, a lot of things happened that pulled us away from the work a little, but its all good! Keep trucking along.
We have put more pressure on our search and rescue for those many in- actives that we all have here in our wards in Mexico. It has been so awesome working with them and seeing them come back, even one man named Jose. Even after 10 years of being inactive, he was in the church this last week and is so eager to learn. Through our hard work and help of the members our attendance has jumped and it was awesome this last week. I read a talk called The Rescue for Real Growth by Bishop Richard C. Edgley, that I loved, and especially loved this part. 
 "Earlier in my remarks I referred to the prayer Alma offered as he and his companions embarked on the rescue of the Zoramites. During World War II approximately 500 U.S. soldiers and supporting locals were held captive in a prison camp. Because of the suffering and concern for their safety, a volunteer force of approximately 100 U.S. soldiers was selected to rescue these prisoners. After the volunteers were assembled, the commanding officer instructed them something like this: “This evening you men meet with your religious leaders, you kneel down, and you swear to God that as long as you have a single breath of life, you will not let one of these men suffer one more moment.” (See Hampton Sides, Ghost Soldiers: The Forgotten Epic Story of World War II’s Most Dramatic Mission [2001], 28–29.) This successful rescue was a rescue from physical and temporal suffering. Should we be less valiant in our efforts to rescue those who could suffer spiritual and eternal consequences? Should we make less of a commitment to the Lord?" 

This week has been a huge week about obedience, it is one thing that can be hard sometimes, but is always worth it and will always pay off. I have a very strong testimony on it. As missionaries you can really see the difference in when we are obedient and not. I know that applies to everyone as well. Our Father gives us commandments and standards to live by so that he can bless us. On the other hand, Satan does no need us to commit big sins or things of that sort, if he can get us to do the small little things. We little by little distance ourselves from our loving Heavenly Father and we are where the Devil wants and needs us to be .  
Love you all 
Elder Lloyd 

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