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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sep 30, 2013

Another week of crazy mission things! 
This week we were getting all new things put in the houses that we needed. ( microwaves, new mattress, new chairs, Etc..) YES our President loves us!! So that obviously took away a little bit here and there. But we still managed to have a great Spiritual week. 
This week we have been blessed with finding a couple of new people to teach which is always great! We have been working hard with the less active members still, well, which we will be doing from here on out! haha But this week we were 4 away from breaking the all time assistance record that we are currently in. It was SO incredible to see, we have a goal of breaking it by this next November that comes. When we set that goal as a companionship I honestly did not know how we were going to do it. But with hard work, diligence and most importantly the Lord, we can accomplish ANYTHING in our lives! If it be in the will of the Lord. 
This week we went to visit a really cool 16 year old menos activo that we are getting stoked about the mission. We were outside of the apartment building and there was a man that was standing outside, he let us in and looked at us and said, "I have always loved the way that you guys are sent out so young, but are so smart, and mature." WE asked him if he would like to know why and talk with us a little bit. He said of course and we set up an appointment for the next night. 
We went to his house, and he accepted us very openly, one of the first things that he said to us was, you know what I have always wondered? What is it about the Mormons? They always have a light to them and look so happy. It was SO awesome to tell him that it was the Holy Ghost, and then as my comp was telling the first vision, ( one of my favorite parts and lessons; and the Spirit came so strong, then recognizing it and him being able to feel a part of this incredible gift we have, and telling him that he can feel like this forever through the way of the Lord, which is baptism.  
I know that the Spirit is strong enough that if we are living worthily the people around us will see and feel a difference, and I have said it before and I'll say it again the best way to teach is by example! What an amazing gift we have in our lives-- the Holy ghost!  
Love you all Hope all is well! 
Elder Lloyd 

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