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Friday, December 20, 2013

"Ants out ma pants!" --- Dec 16, 2013

This week we have been doing lots of services for others. Ever since our new president got here he has been pushing the service aspect a lot. We are required to do at least one service project a week. We really have been growing our testimonies on it as well. This last week we did three and saw miracles from them. One day this week we saw an old man cutting a stump up in a field with an axe, we headed over and started to help him. It turns out that the stump and all around it was covered in ants, so my comp and I would take turns cutting it up then getting them off.... and out of our pants haha. As it was my turn to get "The ants out ma pants," I went over by where the road is, and was leaning over and heard. "Are you Elder Lloyd?" I looked up and didn't recognize a young boy and girl. I said yes and asked how I could help them, they said. "Well, we are from the family Gracian and we just moved into this area, we are a family of 8 and are looking for the church around here and what time we go." We got their information and visited them that night, turns out it is an inactive family of 8 that moved in a week before, and are looking to come back to church. I know that through the service we were doing we were in the place and time that the Lord needed us to be, I know that what it says in Mosiah is true that when we are in the service of our fellow men we are in the service of God. And he could not be more happy with us! 
Love you all
Elder Lloyd

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