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Monday, December 2, 2013

Dec 2, 2013- Having the spirit guide us in everything we do

  This week was a very good and special week. We had the baptism of Juan and it was incredible, I will never forget seeing him leave the water and then cover his face as he started to cry, and then share his testimony of how the whole week he had been thinking of how his sins would really be washed away, then when he came out of the water he KNEW that they were all forgiven.
(Baptism of Juan Elder Ceollo, Juan, Ward Mission leader, me)
This week we got the chance to have Elder Villalobos from the Quorum of the 70 come and talk to our zone in a conference. He talked a lot about something very big in our lives and VERY important as missionaries. He talked about us being worthy to have the Spirit guide us in everything that we do. We had an experience of this during the week. We were walking and a couple of our citas had fallen through, so we thought where does the Lord need us? Then a name of a lady who I had never met popped into my head. Someone that my other comp had talked to when I was on divisions. In an area where we heard that a house had burned down, but not thought anything of it. So we headed off, we got to the door and a middle aged man came to the door, we asked for the women and he went inside to see, a middle aged women came to the door and told us no she wasn't there. So we started talking to this women named Laurena. We asked her if she had talked to missionaries before, she said yes and we asked if we could share a message with her. She said, "Yes, but this isn't my house, my house burned down 3 days ago, and we are here until we can find out what to do, would you like to do it here or in the other house?" We said the other house, we got there and it was just walls, a humble family of 6 four kids under the age of 11-- that had not a lot to begin with; now have almost nothing.... We entered and shared our message and in the midst of all the disaster was such a sweet spirit. We then promised her that we would do everything in our power to get the house back into condition and better. This week we have put in every morning into rebuilding the house with other missionaries and soon the ward.
I know that the Spirit will guide us and tell us the things we need to do, like to arrive where that family was, but it is not our work it is the Lords and to have that happen we need to do it His way, and be 100% at the top of our game. The Holy Ghost is real, he is our companion and a friend when we need our guide and the way we know this IS the church of Jesus Christ and no one else's. But we need to be worthy to have him with us. 
Love you all
 Elder Lloyd

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