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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Dec 30, 2013

This last week was great! 
We had the great opportunity to participate in the baptism of a menos activo girl, who we also took to the Visitors Center that day. She loves to Book of Mormon, and its so awesome to see her grandma that she lives with reactivating and seeing the fire for the Gospel again, Her name is Xochitl Zitzimisyhualt Monatño Cruz....... Yeah, try that one on for size!
 We had a great Christmas here, we had a devotional with the whole zone all about our Savior. Then during the night we went out to give out food to the homeless. We all pitched in money and bought meals, then we knelt in the sacrament room said a prayer to have the Spirit guide us and find who needs these things. The spirit was SO strong!!! We stood up, all looked at each other in silence and then headed out. We walked asking everyone in the street if they knew anyone. Then got an answer of a grandma whose daughter just died, and is now taking care of her 2 grand kids, one of which is handicapped. We found them.  Sang them a Christmas song and gave them a hot meal, they wouldn't let us in to share anything, (Don't think they trusted a group of white guys and Latin's in shirts and ties giving them food in the middle of Mexico City.) So we told them how much of Heavenly father loves them and were off to find the next family. We walked and walked not knowing where we were going, then like someone pushed us we headed to a street, then knocked on a door and asked if they knew anyone who is passing through a hard time in this Christmas night, the lady turned around and yelled, "DAD! Take them with Esperanza!!" then an older man shot out of the house like a bullet and said lets go youngin's. We followed him up to what literally was logs and tarps of a house and as we looked seeing a huge family sitting in the cold with nothing. We walked in and introduced ourselves and gave them the hot Christmas meal. Sang them a song and shared the birth of Jesus Christ from the scriptures. We shared our testimonies of the love of our Heavenly Father and seeing tears in their eyes said good bye and that we loved them and headed off. It is something that will always be in my heart. That Christmas night with the family Reyes Hernandez. We will never know what it meant to them, but we all felt charity, the pure love of Christ that night as missionaries.
I know that the Spirit guided our way that night, and Heavenly Father and our brother Jesus Christ lives and loves us. Every single one of us. 
Love you all,
Elder Lloyd

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