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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

No limits to family happiness and strength - Aug 5, 2013

Another week down in Mexico! I was recently moved, well yesterday to another area, it is on the out skirts of the mission and is a little different, not as densely packed, but still unbelievably packed, ha-ha! I am with a new comp. from here in Mexico named Elder Mendez. He has been in the mission for 4 months and I am expecting great things. Nothing but hard work for the Lord!
 This past week we have been working a lot with a couple families. They are SO great and have so much potential. We set goals with 2 of the families, one being the family of Luis- to not only to be baptized but to be able to go to the temple in one year from their baptism. It is a thing that is the most beautiful thing that they could do as a family and I know that. They are going to have to work hard, But I know that with enough faith they are going to do it! The common theme that I have been seeing in these families that we were working with is the lack of the head of the household, the father. We know how important it is and especially with the priesthood, and with the incredible support and gifts of a wife. There are no limits to family happiness and strengths. This last Sunday Luis's stepdad came to church, and he was alone, (Luis was at a camp- out with the ward). I know that is how they are going to reach and complete their goal of the temple. It is by the great example of an incredible Dad, one of which I was and am SO blessed to have!
Love you all,
Elder Lloyd

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  1. Being on a mission sure shows the missionaries how fortunate they are for the wonderful families they have at home, doesn't it?