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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Aug 26, 2013- our UTES in Mexico City

 Elder Lloyd and his new companion Elder Rodriguez

Just another week in Paradise in the work of the Lord! This week being with my new comp has been so awesome. It is so great to see all the awesome ready missionaries that are coming into the field. He is a great, hard working kid! Such a great blessing to be with him!
We were suppose to have the baptism and marriage of Adáns parents this last week, they were going to sign the papers on Friday, but called us on Wednesday and they were in a fight and don't want to get married and want to wait for the baptism. It is true that when we put them on our list, so does Satan. This week we had the privilege of being part of the baptisms of 2 great people. A mom named Vanessa and her son Ivan. We meet them about 2 weeks ago and they are such great people. Her mother and little brother have been members for over a year now, and her dad about a year. At first we were teaching her, Ivan 14, and her daughter Karen 13 in the house of her mother in law. Her husband didn't want anything to do with us. After a little bit we got kick out of that house because they are super Catholics and don't want us in there. Soooo we moved to the church. We had great discussions with them, the bad thing after a while, and we don't know why, is Karen didn't want to talk with us anymore. And it was so apparent to me the strong impact the example of her family has had on her. That is why she decided to talk to us and make the commitment of going to church.
We all know it and it is so simple. But it is more and more apparent to me how it is more important than anything to be an example to others, and leading others by example. It is so amazing what it can and will do.  In a book called True to the Faith, it says that we have a great responsibility to preach the Gospel as members, and the best way to do it is be an example, like our brother Jesús Christ. People will see a difference in us, a light, and feel different around us and follow. One of my favorite quotes says, "Be the light on the top of the hill that people can follow, that doesn't mean a flash light shinning in everyone's eyes."
That is what the family of Vanessa has done for her and her son and I know that they will do the same for the rest of the family. He gave us a ride home from the baptism, and REALLY warmed up to us, we gave him a Book of Mormon and talked about it on the ride. And he even gave us a hug when he dropped us off. (wasn't expecting that) With faith and hard work, we will see miracles!

Lots of love

Elder Lloyd

Ivan, Vanessa, the missionaries, and her brother that baptized them.

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