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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New area, New Companion--Aug 19, 2013

Another week that just flew by that is for sure! But another great one none the less!
Looks like I will be receiving more changes, AGAIN, ha-ha. I get the blessing of being able to be with one of the new incoming missionaries, which will be a great experience. But I'm going to miss my old comp!! We had been blessed enough to be a part of the baptism of Adán this week. It was such an awesome thing. The pump wasn't working so we had to fill the font up with gallon buckets, from the well to the window, to the font. With four missionaries working, we got it done right in time!  As you can see in the pictures, our President made a surprise visit to the baptism of Adán. It was such a great experience having him there. 

During the week we met Adáns family, his mom, little sister and stepdad. We are now teaching them and are so excited because they are progressing so well! During one of our lessons with him and his family, his stepdad told him to make sure he knows what he is doing, and that he really wants this. It was so amazing to hear his answer of, "I know what I want, I have prayed about this, and I have my answer. I know what I need to do. I have also decided to prepare myself to serve a mission in 2 years when I'm 18 like these Elders." What a kid! But his Mom told us that it wasn't always like this. She told us, about just a couple weeks ago, how he would come home drunk, and smelling of smoke. And she said look at him now, as he was leaving the house in a white shirt and tie, going to get signed up for Seminary. She told us that she never thought it was possible, and he would never change. It was called to my attention to show her in Matthew. It is Matthew 19:26Where Jesus Christ says, For of men this is impossible, but of God everything is possible.
I KNOW that is true!! Just when we think something is impossible, when we feel that someone will never change, that we ourselves will never change, if we are trying to do it on our own. It is.... But like Christ says, through God NOTHING is impossible. I have seen it many times already on my mission in the little 8 months that I have. Literal miracles, but there is one distinct common theme, it is all through our loving Heavenly Father, and doing what he wants us to do, in following our brother Jesus Christ. We are seeing this in action in so many peoples lives, a Lady named Vanessa, and her 2 kids, a great 19 year old named Adrian who is more then ready to be baptized, but we just have to wait for some papers from the Church offices. It is so amazing to see!
I love you all!
Hope all is well.
Elder Lloyd

Adán, his little sister and mom, President Hall and the family that referred him

Adán, Elder Mendez ( From Ciudad Apizaco Tlaxcala Mexico), and I

Adan with President Hall

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