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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Nov 18, 2013 -- Miracles do happen, and angels do walk with us, but it is our choice if we are going to see them

This week was a great week, a week of hardships that came out to be a week of great lessons.
We are teaching a special friend of our ward mission leader. He is a 24 year old named Juan who has quite an interesting story. He is some what the adopted son of our ward mission leaders wife's family. They found him a couple years ago with absolutely nothing, and offered to have him work for them in their house doing little things, so he would get up and going then he would disappear every so often- then show back up in bad condition again. So they started to give him more and more work until he ended up staying there and ultimately living there. Even though he is 24 years old, he has the mind set of about a 16 year old. He is a great guy. WE heard about his story a little bit and he has a very hard past, of abuse, and neglect, from his family. The other night we were in a lesson with him and we had picked out a couple verses in the Book of Mormon to read to him about seeing miracles in our lives. The Spirit came over the room very strong, he looked at us with tears in his eyes and started to explain how this family; the family Piña, took him in. He then started to sob, and told us about when he sees the needy all over in the street, and how he always thinks, that should be me! But how these angels have come into his life and have given him a second chance, and even though he doesn't have a family that cares, he has them as his family. And now they have lead him to the church and he knows that is for a reason.
It was such a tender moment to me and caused me to think of two things. One of how important families are. They really are everything! We need to love and cherish it for everything that we have. It is definitely something that we take for granted. And two, Heavenly Father knows us perfectly. Knows us by name and knows what we need, and when we are true to Him, He WILL send angels our way to buoy us up in times of need, and make miracles happen. I know that is true and that Families are sacred to Him and if we have lost someone we WILL see them again and live with them, because He will make it happen. We just have to do our part. If we haven't had the blessing of a family in our lives, if we are faithful to Him we can have our own in some way or another. Miracles do happen, and angels do walk with us, but it is our choice if we are going to see them.

Love you all!

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