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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

May 5, 2014

This week has been great. Seeing hard work pay off again, but there is always that next level of hard work that we need to find and achieve. Love my new comp, he is great to work with.
This week we had the opportunity to be part of the baptism of another sister of the 2 sisters we have prepared for baptism. This one was extra special.
Her name is Rubi, and she is 17 years old. To be honest we didn't even know that she existed until we went to go teach the 2 other girls that had already been baptized to go over the things that we had taught them, and she was there. She has an almost one year old and had been living with her "boyfriend". Her mom told her that she needed to talk to us. ha ha We began to talk to her, and unlike the other girls she didn't know one thing about the church or anything. Because even though their mom had been baptized very young and not active for the past 16 years the 2 younger ones knew some what of the church. She liked what we taught her a lot and wanted to know more. So we were going to pass her info to the other misión where she lives. The next week her mom told us that she would be coming home to live with the family and away from the boyfriend. We started to teach her and she sucked everything up like a sponge, and would do everything we told her, every bit of "Homework" that we would give her. The first thing we told her to do after inviting her to be baptized was to ask our Heavenly Father if it is what she needed to do. The next day we asked her if she had done it. As her face lit up she responded that yes, we went on to ask if she had her answer. She told us that she was drawing that night and decided to ask Him, and did, she suddenly was filled with a light, and happiness and was still feeling it when she talked to us. She knew it was her answer, and it filled a space that she felt like she had been missing- her whole life, but it was still a tiny bit there. We testified to her that it would be filled with baptism and receiving the Holy Ghost. This weekend was her baptism, after she was baptized she bore her testimony, and wow... The Spirit was SO strong! She was completely in tears  and could barely talk as she testified that even though she had made many mistakes in the past, she has repented to the fullest, and that she knew that Our Heavenly Father has accepted it as well. And that the whole that she has always felt is filling and with the Holy Ghost.
It is SO incredible to know, that our Loving brother Jesús Christ loves us enough that He suffered for everything, so that we can have a new start, a second chance, a new slate. We just need to follow Him in everything. It is through Him and we need to convert EVERYTHING to our Heavenly Father through His example, it is through Him, He lives.
Love you All
Elder Lloyd

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