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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

August 25, 2014

Another week of missionary work in the books. This week was another week of crazy missionary work, ups and downs, highs and lows, I heard it is boring when you get home... I don't doubt it, the mission can feel like driving fuel one cars, and it will probably feel like driving bumper cars when I get home. (The little ones that your to big to fit in, but you do it anyways)
We had the great blessing of being able to be the part of the baptism of Emmanauel this week, it was so great and filled with the spirit. I cant wait to see in 7 years when he goes on the mission. Before his baptism you people would ask him why he wanted to be baptized, and he would respond, "Because I want to follow Jesus Christ, and I want to go on the mission." He is a great kid and will be a great strength for his whole family!

This week we were on divisions and I stayed in our area and another Elder came with me. As we were doing our contacts through out the day, coming to the end of the day this Elder looked at me and said, whats going on here? the contacts we do here are so different, so many people that we contact seem ready... That got me thinking Why? We are just one area over, Its different, but not to much. We do try to do them by the Spirit, but know that they do as well. And I got to thinking it came to me. Where I am in the area/ward called Ward Plazas. It is by far the BEST ward I have been in. The Bishop rick is so strong, loving, and active in the ward, along with the members, And it hasn't always been like that, it started form the top with the new bishopric in the past year. And everyone being loving and willing to follow, great members. I came to a conclusion that I had thought about awhile back. That obviously it starts with the missionaries and their obedience first and for most the biggest thing, but after that, is that this area is so blessed. Heavenly father knows that he can bless us as missionaries to bring these chosen sons of His to the fold, and then the members there will take care of them and make sure they don't go astray, through love and nurturing.  I have realized from this thought process, and through out my whole mission. That the decision  we make, and our obedience does effect SO many people, in a direct or indirect way. Those who are on the earth and those who are to come. President Erying has said that he is living blessings form his ancestors. I can as well testify to that, through the obedience and love to their Heavenly Father, my Ancestors from my parents, grandparents great great grandparents, and farther back, have and continue to bless me right now in my life. I never understood and still don't really know why I have been so blessed the way I have, but I know that is a huge part. And how grateful I am! As well for being able to serve in this ward. Learn, Apply, grow, become more like the Savior. 
Iove you all so much
Elder Lloyd 

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