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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

July 28, 2014

This last week was one of learning. It was a good, especially to learn how to better the work of the Lord.
There is a great family in our ward that is s super strong and active family, they are all members, a teenage son and daughter, and the mom, but the dad is not a member. He has known the Gospel and been around it for a long time. He even used to play basketball with our bishop when they were younger. He has always listen to the missionaries and loves us, but always says "Im catholic, always have been, and will be." We went to share a message with them, and that day I sort of had the feeling that it could be his time. We felt to go share with them and we had a great talk, and he and the family started crying to he said I feel, that it is time I give it a shot and really think about baptizing me.
The Lord has his specific time and plans for everyone. A lot of times we don't understand it, but he knows what he's doing. And we need to trust in that.
Lots of love! Elder Lloyd  

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