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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

July 21, 2014

As we came to the end of a great week, we were walking home, while being accompanied by 2 members, a returned missionary, and a recently baptized future missionary as I felt like the Army of God feeling, walking home from battle, and the Spirit testified to me that THIS is how his work should be done. As we push forward in working with the members in this great ward, we do not cease to see miracles. The Lord is blessing us greatly as we follow the words of His prophet by accelerating the work of the Lord and working members and missionaries shoulder to shoulder.
We had the great baptism of Andrea, and once again don't have much time in writing about some of the great experiences we had.
But in shorter words, the Lord lives and speaks through the Prophet Thomas S. Monson, and to know Him and the Son is through obedience. I know that, through that same thing we are blessed greatly. Being obedient to the Lord Jesus Christ and Our Father, because we love them more than we love ourselves and all other things. This is true happiness.
Love you all.
Elder Lloyd

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