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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

April 28, 2014

Helping my buddy sell candy in the streets 

This week, again I don't have too much time at all, and I feel bad that I didn't get one out last week. But these last two weeks have been great. A little crazy but great. I have gotten a new Comp. Named Elder Ruiz, he is from Guadalajara México, we are expecting great things.
The past couple weeks we have been seeing something so beautiful. We are working with a couple and have been for quite sometime that are older in their 60s, late 50s. But the husband Gerraro has a VERY severe drinking problem, he has been an alcoholic since he was 14 years old. We caught him once when he wasnt drunk to give him a  blessing. Sincé then about 4 weeks ago- he has not drank once and said that he doesn't have the urge to anymore and they are going to church consistently. So amazing to have the power of God here with us on the earth. Moses 6:7
The last week, we found such an incredible family of 5, who we love SO much who are just loving the Gospel. We had a great experience with them, we had a great 2nd lesson, and looked at them and with the Spirit invited them to be baptized. They all accepted with cheer, we then explained how and what they need to do to be baptized, one of the things is to ask God to know this is what they need to do. Then the Mother, Blanca; Quickly said, "I already have! and its a yes." the Spirit was so strong, we asked her to share her experience, and she went on to say that she asked Him the night of the first time we passed by and she knows it has been answered. Then told us something that comes from our White Handbook  when we are obedient almost Word for Word, that she knows that we are messengers of the Lord. It is so incredible to see as missionaries and as members, when we are doing exactly what the Lord wants and needs us to, people recognize that we are disciples of the Lord and Savior Jesús Christ, and people are watching and do notice. 
I love you all very much.
With love,
Elder Lloyd

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