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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

July 14, 2014

This was a great week of seeing that everyone has their moment that Our Heavenly Father sets up for them. These past weeks we had the blessing of being part of the teaching and baptism of Rodrigo. 

His Grandma has been a member for a long time now but the family didnt really want anything to do with it. Then about 4 years ago his sister was in a hard spot in her life and turned to the Lord, and got baptized. Then a year and a Little over a half ago his mother came to terms and as well was baptized. Rodrigo always had his doubts and never wanted anything, he then started to look into it more and thats where we came in. He has progressed so well, he wasnt so sure about it at all, we challenged him to pray and promised he would know by the next time we came, we returned and said he knew he had to do it. He is very Smart and  He has had questions about the Book of Mormon and the history of it,  
( Horse being in it etc.) We simply would answer his questions as they came, or show him how to get his answers. Didnt think much of it. Then the day of his baptism his sister told us that because of those doubts he said he wasnt ever going to be baptized, but after talking to us it changed his mind. So thank you to the Spirit and guiding us in what we needed to say, he was able to come into the waters of baptism.
We found out last weekend that Manuels dad had gotten out of rehab, so we went right over the next day to talk with him. He told us that he would support his son in this decisión that he wants to make, but first wants to go to church with us to see how everything is, we couldnt be happier!
This week will be the baptism of another GREAT investigator named Andrea, she is 17 and progressing like we cannot beleive and has plans to go on a misión, her and her mother who has been inactive for 24 years know that this is true and they are converting themselves in the Savior Jesús Christ and his Gospel.
We have seen so many miracles lately one of which I will share next week. And we know that we will see them this next week through our hard work and diligence. Nothing more important than loving, truly loving and serving others and more than anyhting our Heavenly Father. 
Love you all.
Elder Lloyd

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