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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

June 2, 2014

Familia Ibarra Gonzalez Me, Daughter Berenice who will be baptized soon, the mom Blanca, Alejandro son, behind their ward family support Erick, Daughter Angela, dad saul, Ward support Brother Carranza and my comp.  

Baptism of Sergio a couple weeks ago.

This week has been a great one, a lot of running around but a lot of blessings, and seeing a family that I love SO much enter into the waters of baptism and on their way to be a family eternal! The Family Ibarra Gonzalez, and it has been so amazing see the ward take a hold of them in full support. And to see all of them get up and bare their testimonies yesterday was so great! 
We had a funny experience the other day. We have made some changes in how we do or meetings. And we had to take 4 boxes of Books of Mormons and Pamphlets from our church, to our house, about a ten minute walk. I don't know if you have ever felt those boxes, but they are preeetty heavy! haha And for not hitting the gym in a good 17 months, double that. My comp has been going through some health problems which I will write about later so we got about half way there, and it was hard not going to lie. We were trying to balance a box on my backpack and it fell and broke and we were dying laughing putting Books of Mormons back in the box on the side of the road.Then to help my comp I took one box off his hands and was trying to rock three boxes, then took a little break when we got about half way. We were just laughing the whole time. Then my comp jokingly looks up in the sky and says were in the world is the good Samaritan when you need him!!!? About 2 minutes after we see a car of white shirts go by, then we see the brake lights hit. We both looked at each other just smiling and saying There's NO way! As the car pulls up a family from the stake says Elders, need some help??........ Yeah... Prayer answered.
This week we have been running everywhere because my comp who is amazing is a convert of only 5 years. He was baptized and the age of 19 and had plans to get out on the mission as soon as he hit the one year mark. Within that process he got very very sick. He went to the hospital and found out that both of has kidneys were not working. Long story short his loving mom donated her kidney and he started the long recovery process. He left as soon as he could 3 years later. He has to take a lot of medicine and has to go frequently to the hospital for check ups. It is sad to say but this last time they did not come out to well.... so we have been going for more checks. With all this being said, he has still been giving it his all and keeping up with going for the high goals the mission has set, and no one knows he is passing through all of these challenges. He is so incredible and an inspiration to me, he never complains or even talks about it, he just gives what he can. And tells me, I DO NOT want to go home.
We never know what others are passing through and what types of challenges they are having, for that reason we need to be like Christ and treat EVERYONE with great respect and love, and listen to the Spirit so he can direct us to answer the prayers of others and even change their lives. (Even if it is to save 2 missionaries carrying boxes of books of Mormon) I Testify He will guide us. And lots of times we don't even know that we have answered the prayers of someone. 
Love you all.
Elder Lloyd

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