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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

August 19,2014

A week full of preparing for conferences, conferences and meetings. But a good one none the less.The misión is learning a new principle which I love and that we are putting in practice and seeing the truthfulness of it and the miracles that come hand in hand. It is based off of Mosiah 27 When the Angel comes to Alma and the Sons of Mosiah and changes theirlives and in turn changes thousands of others. In the misión obviously, we find and teach many people. We, many times are blessed and find people that are ready to accept the Gospel in their lives and to move forward and will do what it takes. Others more times than usual, and especially here in Mexico it is not the case. Many love to listen, and love what we say. But keeping commitments and progressing in the Gospel is a different ball game. Many times we are teaching many people and great things are happening, miracles really. But getting them to come to church and things is hard. At times we get frustrated and say, "We cant forcé them to do these things, we cant take away their free agency,they have to want these things." Well in Mosiah 27 and especially verse 14 teaches us something incredible, and gives us an incredible tool for life.
As we know that Alma and his Homies (sons of Mosiah) were going around literally trying to destroy the church of the Lord. Then an angel came and changed the whole story, and in verse 14 we find out how and why. I love Reading this first, we find that it was for the prayers and the faith of his city and his father, that loved them so much. It was not for the faith of Alma and the sons of Mosiah, but their faith. We can apply this in the lives of our loved ones, in the lives of the Lords investigators here. We cannot take their agency, but the Lord CAN change their will! through our faithful prayers and faith. Do we love these people enough to stay on our knees and plead for them?
We have seen the miracles from this principle in this last week. The parents of the 11 year old child Manuel accepted to talk to us, prayed AND felt a difference, went to church, AND accepted to let him be Baptized this week. The Lord has softened their hearts. As well as the family we felt their Dad was ready we hadn't talked to him in about a week. And We went last night and at the end of the lesson he said. I know that it is time that I come together with the family and get baptized, I will say, not this week, but the next, and set his own date. The missionaries have tried for years with him with nothing, and he set his own date for us. We then explained to him that he had to first go to church and prepare himself, and then we would love to have it happen. So he said, "Okay so I will do that, then I'll get Baptized."
Lots of prayers on the knees of many people being answered. I know that this is a blessing that we can use in our lives always! and I know one that I will use in the future. The Lord loves each one of His children, Christ lives and still performs miracles through the faith in Him. I know that.
Love you all
Elder Lloyd

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