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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

June 9, 2014

This week has been a great week of conferences, a couple visits to the
Doctors (but everything is okay) and hard work like always. Yesterday I was
really thinking about the sacrament and how incredible it is, and how
amazing it is that we have the chance to partake of it. Even though I feel that I have SO much more to comprehend and understand about it, I do understand the magnitude it plays in our salvation and how much of a privilage it
really is. The sacrament is something we vitally need, as we look at the scriptures and read that no unclean thing can be in the presence of God,
well, I am not perfect, and I mess up on a daily basis without even wanting
to. If it is doing or saying something I shouldnt, or not saying or doing
something I should. That being said, it can look like a daunting task.
But if we really have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, we know that through
Him and a thing like the sacrament , we can be made clean, and become better
than we are day to day and through His sacrafice we can have powers above
our own. I have come to find out, if we  really have a testimony and really
understand the Sacrament we will never make an exuse to miss it and we WILL be there under all  circumstances. AND if we find ways out (like i used
to do) then we really dont understand it.
We have a bad perception in the church that we can not be perfect, If we look at the scriptures in Mathew 5:48 we find the commandment to do it,
then in Nephi 3:7  he tells us that the Lord does not command anyhting we can not do. I know that it is possible, it is a life long and eternity long
thing, so we need to have patience. We will be disappointed and discouraged if we think it will come very fast. But we cannot set limits on oursleves,
we are sons and daughters of God, our potential is unlimited. He has made our way to complete this commandment and that is through the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He lives, and Loves us more than we know, and wants us
back with Him. I know that.
Love you all
Elder Lloyd

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