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Monday, December 15, 2014

Dec 1, 2014

So this week is how it has been a pattern lately I don't have much time to write. This last week was a good one and these past weeks as well. It has been different now that I am coming to the end, it does not feel like it by any means. We have been seeing great changes in the ward that I am in; which is awesome, change of attitude in leaders and members. The Lord, still with 23 months under my belt the is stretching me in different ways, like I haven't expected. 
One thing that I have been pondering on and I love from my mission is an eternal look on things. An eternal look on the decisions we make, trails we have, and things that we really desire and want. It is something that has helped me and I know that the Lord wants us to have. And as we have that in our life's, we recognize Him a lot more, and make better day to day decisions, and being obedient isn't so hard, we see it as it is, a blessing. 
I love you all 
Elder Lloyd 

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