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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jan 4, 2013


      This has been a great week! Pretty uneventful just because we do the same thing day in and day out! haha but its awesome! I love it! Congrats to all those who have gotten their calls! That's awesome!! Jake and Rachel... I'm jealous, those are unbelievable calls! I FREAKING LOVE YOU Sesi!!...... We started teaching our 2nd investigator this week his name is Francisco. It is incredible that even just one week and a half in the MTC and the Spanish is coming like you would not believe. THIS is the only place you can learn that fast, I'm sure of it! The Lord blesses you SO much when you do what is expected, follow the rules and try your best! I see it on a day to day basis. The teachers her are truely incredible!! I love them! Hermano Mead is the perfect teacher for me! I know that is not by luck... He is so funny.
       Yesterday we spent ALL day (when I say all day I Mean 9 hours of classes) on teaching ourselves and learning to teach our investigators the importance of prayer. I thought I had a testimony of it... But now I DO! it really is SO important!!!! You are really talking to our Heavenly Father, and he WILL talk back, and answer our prayers! We just have to pray with real intent. We were teaching one of our teachers like he was an investigator. We taught him all about prayer, then we invited him to do it.... And even though I knew he knew how, and what it was. He said his "first prayer" and it was INCREDIBLE, the spirit was SO strong, and it was burning inside me. I CANT wait top get to Mexico and experience that time and time again! I KNOW that prayer is real and if we just get on our knees and pray with real intent, he will answer us, and give us ALL that we need, ASLONG as we are doing what we need to, and our willing to except his will.
        I LOVE YOU ALL, and hope you are doing awesome like I am.
Jesus lives, and God gives!

         Love Elder Lloyd 

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