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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jan 11, 2013

Hope everyone is doing great! Had a normal week at the MTC, just crazy busy. BUT have had some pretty crazy experience this past week personally. It all started on Monday night I went to the bathroom before bed and saw that my urine was off colored, almost brown, I chalked it up to the vitamins I was taking and went to bed. We had gym first thing in the Morning, I came back and went again, this time it looked like watered down Kool Aid, I tried to play it off and said if it gets worse I'll think about doing something if it gets worse. After lunch we went to again, this time it was startling! It was mostly blood. I went and told my companion that we need to go to the clinic here at the mtc. I got in and talked to the doctor and told him what was happening and he had me do a sample.. As soon as I gave it to him he Said "Wow that's not good at all," I don't think he was expecting it to be that bad. He right then started to take immediate action. We walked over to the other doctor and said I need to talk to you about something, the other doctor asked if it could wait, he has a meeting. He said no very quickly and told him what was going on, the conversed and decided that they need to said me off to get a CT scan immediately. The rushed me to the hospital in Provo and I got CT scans, and they told me i would meet with the urologist tomorrow. This whole time I was just pleading with the Lord that I may understand his will whatever it may be. I was so scarred I would have to come home. My companion and I got back late that night and I was in shock of what was going on, and just kept praying for peace, which the whole time I felt. I just had this comfortable feeling the whole time. I wasn't feeling all to great from loosing so much blood. I woke up the next morning and was nervous with what I was about to see, And by the grace of God everything was perfectly normal! I went to the doctors first thing that day and he said that they could not find anything on the CT, So he sent me for TONS of tests all over, My companero and I spent the next day and a half in hospitals all over Provo getting different test, blood tests every thing! I meant with the urologist and he said he cant find anything wrong, they are going to send one more test to a special lab in the East coast that will take about ten days to get back and they will take further action from there. I am not completely out of the woods yet, but I KNOW that the Lord has sent angels to watch over and comfort me! I KNOW he is there, and was hearing every prayer I offered! I am so blessed right now, it is a miracle. This sort of thing doesn't just happen and then stop with no evidence of why the next day. I love being here and KNOW this is Gods work and I LOVE it day to day. I Love you ALL so much and can feel all your love, prayers, and support!

He hears our pleas, and addresses our needs.

LOVE Elder Lloyd

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