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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Feb 1, 2013

Que pasa cada uno?!
This we received our new district, they are definitely a solid group! It is cool to see all the great missionaries The Church is receiving! This work is hasting on, more than anytime in the history of The Church, I feel so blessed to be a part of it.
A couple days ago we had a rough experience as Zone Leaders. In our district there was an Elder, he has grown to be one of my closest friends in the MTC. Since day one he has had pretty severe home sickness, and the 2nd day had decided that he was going home. He talked to our branch presidency and they convinced him to give a week. He had been meeting with a specialist here and working through his problems. He was doing great, but everyday would battle his separation anxiety. On Wednesday we got back from dinner, and this Elder asked if he could talk with Elder Haderlie and I. We went into another room and he began to tell us that he along with the specialist had prayed and decided it would be best for him in the long run to go home. As he told us this it felt like I had been hit with a truck. As he sat in tears and told us how he did not want to go home at all, I knew he didn't, But he said he feels this is what is best for him at this time. It was very emotinal for me, and I couldnt wrap my mind around it. It killed me so bad to see him battle for 6 and a half weeks, and then see hime not being able to beat this. Then as I was thinking it hit me, it is God's will, and it is between him and the Lord. It is SO hard sometimes to see and even harder to accept God's will. It's hard to see it for others, and its frustrating, like this situation, and it is even harder to see it for our selves. We may not know at the time, or may no know ever what He has planned, but as we accept it, and have enough faith to know that whatever happens He IS always watching out for us and will always bless us. We will become closer to our Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ, and will open up more doors for them to bless us.
I love you all so much, and can not thank you enough for all the love and suppport.
Thy will be done...
Love Elder Lloyd
ps Congrats to Emma Stapp on your mish call! Love you

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