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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dec 28, 2012

Hey everyone, hope everyone had an amazing Christmas as we did in the MTC, it was awesome..... The MTC has been amazing, and day by day, I can tell you that the Lords work is hasting on!! It is truly incredible!! Just some quick mind blowing facts... Right now the MTC is almost packed to capacity with 2,031 missionaries. We came in with the first group of 18 year old Elders, and 19 year old sisters! which was awesome. By May there will be 2,000 SISTER missionaries ALONE!! (Lets all just take a second and take that in...) thats not to mention ALL the Elders coming in also. Honestly gives me butterflies when I think about. They say in ^ months you wont be able to recognize the campus, and then in another 6 you wont be able to recognize it again from all the growth and changes! I can tell you this much, "The fields are white and ready to harvest." ( Just to clear up some of the rumors about the Asian temp. missions, they are not setting up to move into China. Elder Russel said it himself, "We will walk in the front door."
        I am loving the MTC, I love being around people from everywhere around the world! Learning everything from English to Mandarin, but all here for the same purpose, to spread the GREATEST gift on earth! My love for the Gospel is growing so much everyday, and I can feel myself molding into a Soldier at the front lines of the Lords Army. I get SO pumped all the time!! I feel like everyday is the day of a BIG game!! This black tag that I am wearing is the best thing that has ever happened to me! I'm tearing up just writting about it, and thinking about it! The spirit is SO strong all the time, I feel like I can take on the world, and I'm going to try to! haha Starting with the North east oart of Mexico City....
         It is amazing how they have perfected the work we do, and how fast we move. The first day of class the only spoke STRICTLY Spanish to us all day. Me not knowing ANY spanish, everythime they would talk to me I would just start laughing so hard. By day three we were teachong an investigator in full Spanish, (Edwin Sanchez) We obviously didnt know spanish to well in 3 days, so it was really difficult. Be we could take notes, (Or a script for me!)
haha. Our teacher, Hermano Mead, (Whom I LOVE, hes so funny and an amazing teacher) said he did teach an investigator until his 6th week. We finished our 5th and last lesson with him last night and get TWO more starting next week!
         On our first day, we were in a work shop, so there were about 30 sisters and elders teaching the same investigator. It was set up in a big room and we were teaching LaWona, a bigger inner city black girl. It was set up like we were in her living room in the middle of the room. We could feed off each other and teach her. She talk super ghetto and she was SO funny, and we were all trying to convert her, and through out things about the gospel. In the beginning she had said something about being in the hospital. So we tried forever, and she kept stumping us. Then she got and said, "Look I want you all to just take a step back and look at the situation. No one ask me why is was at the hospital, you are all to worried about giving me your religion. I have cancer... All I needed to here is that someone loves me... Love that's a word LaWona hasn't heard inn a LONG time."  The spirit came into the room stronger than i have ever felt! We all started to bear our testimony on the Atonement and how we know Christ and our Heavenly father love ALL of us SO much. It was INCREDIBLE. It hit me in the face we aren't here to get people into the Gospel, we are here to love the people, and show the Gods love, and to help them in any way possible.
         I dont want to sugar coat it and make it sound all reindeer games... Its HARD, and its STRESSFUL, and the language can be SO over whelming. Sometimes in the middle of work you don't know how much more you can take. But EVERY SECOND is worth it! You turn it into the Lords hands and let him help you. The first day it hit me so hard, even though I came in here with a full head of steam and ready to give it everything, I CANT DO THIS ALONE!! I need our Heavenly Father more than anything.
         I wish I could have all of you come spend a day with me and just feel and see what I do, everyday. Its incredible! I Take SSOO much pride, amd love the simple black name tag, and love what it stands fro more than anything right now. I am a representative of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I already feel 2 years is not enough time, and  DREAD the day I have to take this tag off.
         I LOVE you all, and hope you are all doing amazing. The Lord lives and loves us. Please Write!

Love Elder Lloyd

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