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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Feb 8, 2013

This week was just another week in the MTC. We received about 800 new missionaries on Wednesday. The average has been about 400 a week... yeah.. crazy. This morning our residence manager came around and told us they are putting 6 to a room now. So this Monday hey will be waking us up at 6, sending us outside, we'll grab an unput together bed and we will have to take it to our rooms put our bed against the window and but the new bed in the space left over... Yeah not sure how this whole thing is going to work.. haha. BUT the Lord knows what he's doing! I'm just glad I'm out of here in a week and a half.

I went and had a scope of my bladder done on Wednesday. Everything came back perfect! Thank you SO much for all prayers that came my way.

There has been a rumor that we will get travel plans today... but I'm pretty sure its next week. No one is getting visas to any South American countries, so I will most likely be reassigned, but we'll see.

Loving this work and being a missionary! The Lords work is hastening on faster than every!
Love you all
Elder Lloyd

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