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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jan 25, 2013

Just another week in the MTC, but always great when you're a missionary! This Sunday I was asked to be the Zone Leader for my zone, and they asked one other Elder in our District also, so I got a new Companion! haha, His name is Elder Haderlie, he is an awesome kid. We get along great, he is a year older than me and is from Parawon UT. He will be serving in the Cucco Peru mission... Our branch Presidency said they have only done a Comp switch here twice in 2 years, But felt impressed that they should do it with us. It makes me happy to hear that they have so much confidence in us.

        It will be pretty crazy because in the next little while our zone will swell from about 29 missionaries right now, to about 68 by the end of February, but with the Lord anything is possible!!!! He doesn't call those who he does not make well equipped. It is going to be an incredible experience and I am all ready loving it! I have seen Elder Westbrook, Dahl, and Flathers this week which was way cool! A lot of people coming in this next week also! Congrats to Collin and Ally on their calls! Love you guys! 

        This week we have been learning a lot about revelation through attending Church. I have always sadly looked at it as something we just have to do, and some what of a nuisance. But the more I learn about it the more I learn that it is such a huge blessing to us as members! The sacrament is one if the most sacred ordinances still preformed on the earth today, and getting the chance to step back from the world, partake of it, and let everything melt away. To just be able to think about the Atonement and how incredible it was that he suffered for us PERSONALLY. It is nothing less then incredible! Church is such a great place to just get out of the world, to grow and receive personal revelation for ourselves. What a blessing.

         I Love you all so much, and thank you for your love and support!

Its ALL in the attitude!

Love Elder Lloyd

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